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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 17 Aug 2011 8:22AM
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Renting a room

Hi, I have a small clinic (its basically a shop) - it has 1 front room and 1 rear room. I have a lease and was using the rear room for treatments and the front room for reception. A colleague I have met in the last year has moved into part of the front room and will be doing beauty treatments. I will be doing complementary therapy in the rear room. Landlord is happy but says, obviously, everything is still my responsibility. I feel that I should get my colleague to sign some sort of agreement with me so I am covered if anything goes wrong. The clinic is in a arcade (mews) which has gates that have to be locked after 6. I Have given my colleague a set of keys to clinic and gate. She is also using part of the window to display prices etc. Sometimes she will be there when I am not. I thought I should get her to sign that she has a copy of my lease and will abide by the terms within it. Sorry to waffle. Does anyone have any ideas of what else I should put in the agreement or does anyone have a copy of an agreement that I could use. Help! Jane


Bridgette Bradley
17 Aug 2011 9:04AM

Hiya, I don't know if this is going to help but I rent a room from An osteopath and I have not signed anything. I was given A hand out providing a list of do's and dont's which I can try and Scan and send to you. I also have a key and use The clinic when he is not there. My email is sos.sportsmassage@yahoo.co.uk Bridgette
Amanda Clegg
17 Aug 2011 11:44AM

Might be wise to let the landlord know she has a set of keys, as this may be relevant for his insurance policy, or the owners of the mews?
Jane Hopwood
17 Aug 2011 12:52PM

Hi thanks both for your replies. Can a have a copy of the do's and don'ts as that would help. Best wishes Jane
Lynn Bellamy
17 Aug 2011 3:14PM

You have to be careful about sub-letting as she leaves things in the clinic this may entitle her to certain tenancy rights. I would just get her to sign something as i have exactly the same cenario and although so far have had no problems, what happens if things are stolen, who has the insurance for the contents ect. Do's and donts dont cover you legally. If you want to chat about it I am happy to my work number in 01235 821259 and if I am with clients leave me your number and I will call youback. I have sub- let for 9 years so have a bit of history regarding it. Hope this helps
Jane Hopwood
17 Aug 2011 9:21PM

Hi Lyn, thanks thats very useful. I hadnt thought of tenancy rights. I will give you a ring - thanks again. Jane
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