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Posted by: Barbara Raekson, 28 Aug 2012 11:01AM
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replacement head rest for health wise table

This is my first time posting in the forum here and I really hope someone can help me. I'm in Ireland and bought a second hand Health Wise massage table off a colleague a while ago. The table was in top condition, hardly used at all but out of warranty. After about 4 months of light (!) use by myself one of the spokes of the head rest that goes into the head of the table broke clean off, just below the joint. (this is the table I'm talking about: http://www.massage-tables-uk.com/Luxury-Massage-Table.html) While they do state the head rest is made for heavy use and should last a lifetime (ha!) I realise the table is out of warranty. However, I don't want to buy a new table, thinking there should be a way to get a replacement. I'm not after a freebie but perfectly willing to pay, mind you. I've tried contacting the company twice via their online form, and several times via two different email addresses (both listed on their website). No answer at all. I have tried phoning them (01280 814595) but the call is immediately disconnected or not going through, all I get is a few beeps and that's it. My query now - this is a very commonly used table, I'm sure some of you have used it. Has anyone ever bought a replacement head rest and if so, how and where? Does anyone have any other means of contacting this company or are they possibly out of business? I'm at a loss here, I do have a second table but it's not as light and comfortable to use as this one and apart from this one issue I have absolutely no complaints about it. So I'd like to keep using it for a good while yet. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


Amanda Clegg
28 Aug 2012 12:47PM

have you tried the Massage Table Store? there might be another head rest that will fit your holes? I know Oakworks and Elite use similar design headrest and there are probably others. It might be easy to adapt yours provided the entry holes are the same distance apart?
Barbara Raekson
28 Aug 2012 1:30PM

Thanks for your reply, Amanda. I just found the head rest only option at the Massage Table Store (been looking in the wrong place before). I'll email them to ask about measurements. But, at the price of £80 plus P&P to Ireland it looks like it'll be way above my budget at the moment, seeing that the table wasn't that expensive to start with. :(
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