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Posted by: Ruth Maguire, 12 Apr 2005 3:00PM
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Hi there, can anyone point me in the direction of published research into Reflexology? Thanks


Ruth Maguire
25 Apr 2005 10:25AM

http://www.internethealthlibrary.com/Therapies/Reflexology-Research%20.htm http://www.reflexology-research.com/ Here are a couple of sites that I found, if anyone knows of anymore I would love to hear from them. Maybe it would be useful to have research findings on our own website?
Kate Onyett
14 Jun 2005 10:56PM

I am actually trying to find some research data, too, but about massage in general. I need to find out about: the appreciable benefits of massage, case studies of the benefits of massage, and figures on the effect of massage, especially chair massage. I wondered if, having managed to find out about reflexology data, you know of any general massage data- either online or the best place to look in libraries, etc? Many thanks! I'll make a new post of this question as well for coverage. Kate
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