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Posted by: Hilary John , 11 Sep 2012 1:20PM
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Returning to Massage after a horrible pregnancy and Birth?

Hi ALl Just wondered if anyone had any advise on returning to massage after nearly a year off after giving birth to my little girl. I had a really horrible pregnancy and still suffering 6 months later with some hip and back pain and also carpal tunnel. This went but seems to be returning very slowly and i am wondering if anyone has any tips to help ease me back into massage and help prevent the carpal tunnel coming back..... ???? I need to start getting back into it but would like some advise from anyone who has 'been there and done that' if possible. Thank you Hilary


Nicki Lee
11 Sep 2012 3:44PM

Hi Hilary, First - Congratulations on your little girl! As for going back to work, I hope you will have a chance to get yourself well first, as massage is such a physically demanding job. I'm afraid if you begin with hip and back pain it may only get worse. Whether or not you start back right away, I would make your physical condition a priority. I would suggest having a good assessment of what is happening - my choice would be either an experienced remedial massage therapist or osteopath, but you might choose a physio or doctor. Then be sure to have treatment and most importantly make sure you know what exercise and stretching to do. This is crucial to get you back up and running. Re the carpal tunnel, are you entirely sure the pain and dysfunction was from ct and not tight muscles in the forearms, which can easily happen to massage therapists? Again - treatment, stretching and exercise. Also, make very sure you are working ergonomically safely - use your body weight, make sure your couch is the correct height, make sure you are using your forearms, knuckles, reinforced fingers, etc, to protect delicate joints and especially your wrists. If you are unsure have a colleague watch and give suggestions for your working posture, or take a refresher course that pays attention to your posture. Best of luck, and welcome back to the massage world! Nicki
Marianne Free Allitt
11 Sep 2012 3:56PM

I had a year off work after the birth of my second child and I was worried about returning to work so I booked myself on a refresher massage course - it was like riding a bike and it soon came flooding back ;D Good luck returning and congratulations too x
Yvonne Jevons
13 Sep 2012 2:04PM

Hilary John
13 Sep 2012 9:42PM

Thank you for the replies... the Birth was worse than the Pregnancy but thankfully very short. I Think i will have to sit back and wait a little longer before i attempt massage again, i am wondering if my back pain is causing the 'carpal tunnel'. I would appreciate some further information on the DARE treatment if you could spare the time to message me back? Kind regards Hilary
Yvonne Jevons
14 Sep 2012 8:13PM

Francesca Crocetta
14 Sep 2012 10:34PM

Hello Hilary, This is grandma calling...hee hee! I can understand you wanting to get back to massage, but as Yvonne and others have suggested it is import to ensure you body is ready to return. As you are complaining of hip and lower back pain I would ensure that your ISJ has returned to its correct position. speak to your GP/Gynae doctor, (it may be hormones are still unsettled) Assuming it is, muscles that have been worked and strained during birth need to be strenghtened:- hip rotators, QL; also Quads and hamstrings. Tai Chi is an excellent discipline, allowing you to strenghten within your capabilities. This will also help your posture when giving treatments. Ref your carpal tunnel, you can give yourself some cross fibre friction around the reticulum. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but with pleasure if you are near I would be happy to help. The most important this is listen to your body and enjoy your wonderful, beautiful daughter. Keep well, Francesc
Hazel Markou
18 Sep 2012 5:07PM

Hilary Have you heard of The Emotion Code and The Body Code? They have been developed by Dr Bradley Nelson and I am amongst a handful of practitioners in the UK. The sessions can be done remotely over the telephone and they deal energetically with both the emotional side and the physical impacts of many issues including pregnancy and birth. They both work on the premise that emotions, (for the Emotion Code) and additionally Pathogens, Toxins, Structural problems, Circuitry problems, Nutritional needs and Toxicity (The Body Code) are all actually energies that when imbalanced or trapped cause pain (physical and emotional). Treatment sessions remove the imbalances and allow the body to efficiently heal itself. I don't wish to cross any ASA boundaries of what can be said about the sessions and clients' responses so all I will say here is it is well worth your while to investigate further. If you haven't come across these modalities before look at www.healerslibrary.com (Dr Bradley Nelson's site). You can also buy a book from Amazon on The Emotion Code for around £10. I'd be only too glad to speak with you if you wanted more details but please don't feel you have to come to me. Good luck in your quest for full emotional and physical health. Hazel
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