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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 5 Jul 2010 11:38AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

SCAM - Acai Berry

Please be aware that there is an e-mail being sent out which is associated with a well known scam. So well known in fact that even Wikepedia puts the following warning on it's site: 'Recently, the açaí berry has been marketed as a dietary supplement for weight loss. There is no scientific evidence that açaí consumption affects body weight or could promote weight loss.[1] Many companies promoting these products are deceitful; thousands of consumers have had trouble stopping recurrent charges on their credit cards when they cancel "free" trials of açai-based products, the sellers of which within a short period proceed to charge monthly payments in excess of $70 USD.[2]' A number of therepists have recently received an e-mail from: AcinBerrem3@yahoo.com and a link to Visite web site -> http://lampmen.ru Please be aware of the above Wikepedia warning in relation to this when conmsidering your response.
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