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Posted by: Brenda Arkley, 11 Jul 2009 3:26PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Scam, from Portugal.

I have received a letter today from Physicians Therapists Guide, which is a scam, but am unsure of how to proceed. I have not signed or returned anything yet but the small print says If I do not return the letter they will take that as permission to publish. Please can you advise.


Barbara Lewis
12 Jul 2009 4:43PM

take it to trading standards for advice i cant believe that not returning the form can be taken as agreeing since you did not ask for the information . barb
Angela Rawlins
14 Jul 2009 8:34AM

Thepolice might be interested - threats!
Amanda Clegg
18 Aug 2009 10:42PM

I;ve had this several times - last one came from switzerland, printed on greyish paper. Ignore it, it is a scam. If you look at the web adress it differs by one letter/number from a real one.
Amanda Clegg
18 Aug 2009 10:43PM

oh, and if you read the small print, sending the form back is actually to accept their contract and you could end up with bills and demands. file in WPB/kindling box!
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