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Posted by: Carolyn Scott, 15 Mar 2007 9:13PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Scam phone call

I had a strange phone call yesterday 14/3/07. This person claimed that I had agreed to put an advert in a booklet to be sent out to schools about 'stranger danger' etc. and wanted to know what schools I wanted them to be sent out to. I had no idea what she was talking about and asked her to explain, she claimed that she had spoken to me in September 2006 and I had agreed to an advert which would cost me £145. Now I know that I did not and would not have agreed to this as I have done something in the past and no business had come from this, also at that amount of money for such a small advert I would think that was expensive and would not have agreed to. She claimed that it would be tax deductable as it would be going to schools but any advertising is? she then said she 'hated it when people could not remember' and would pass this on to her supervisor. Today my husband had almost the same type of call but interrupted the man before he could go into his speal with that the man put the phone down. We are both in the yellow pages but for completely different things. Everyone out there PLEASE PLEASE be aware do not give out any details if they are genuine they will have sent you proofs of an advert and a contract to sign.


Trisha Gabriel
11 Apr 2007 1:41PM

Hi Carolyn, I do remember a similar call maybe last year, I had no recollection of being contacted previously, which had the effect of me thinking I must have a bad memory. I have posted a reply today about callers trying to sell advertising and how persistent they can be. I think it is often difficult to say no, and they can be very persistent.
Angela Rawlins
11 Apr 2007 7:13PM

Hi See page 27 of the magazine and telephone calls blog.
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