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Posted by: George B., 20 Jul 2006 3:43PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Scam Warning

Karen Connelly has reported the following: "I wanted to inform you and all members of embody and hopefully other companies of a scam that is going on on the net with this address at the bottom. I have had a few e.mails from this address asking if I would offer services for 5 business men from Virginia USA and if I could send details of price and payment method, which I did ,asking for cheque with deposit which was sent yesterday but for £7,200 from Irish Bank which I queried because of the amount and the bank clerk in Dublin informed me that it was a forgery. What is worrying me is that a more naive person would give this person their bank details. I think that may have been the plan with me as I may have written back saying the cheque was too much and then he might have suggested I give him my bank details for him to sort it out quicker as his appointment was to be 30th July. I am so glad my gut instinct prevailed and I wasn't taken in and I do hope this warning will stop someone being conned." The email address was d_hornbuckle22k1@yahoo.co.uk


Julie Elder
23 Jul 2006 3:48PM

Hi Karen, I had similar E-Mail from said D_Hornbuckle. I did reply although was very cagey as seemed abit odd. Got as far as him trying to book the dates (the same dates that you gave) but decided that I was not comfortable with dealing with him and his colleagues so left it at that however it is easy to be taken and I am glad that I decided not to pursue it any further.
Jo Webb
15 Aug 2006 7:31PM

I had a similar situation with a 'Swede' booking a block of yoga lessons for his son and accidentally transferring thousands of pounds supposedly to me. I did no more when I found he had contacted at least 20 other teachers but a colleague received a large cheque which she did nothing with Jo
Kathleen Urquhart
24 Aug 2006 9:22PM

I have just received one of these in the last few days, the email sounded a bit weird and when I replied all they answered back was give me your address so we can post a check. Email addresses to watch out for are arnoldcamerons@gmail.com or arnold.cameron@yahoo.co.uk
Norman Dunsby, MSc, PgDip
20 Sep 2006 10:23PM

I was also approached via the web by D.Hornbuckle and associates asking to provide a complementary therapy service. He required my banking details and address so he could forward the monies prior to his visit at the end of july. I declined in revealing these details. I tried to find out a little more information regarding details of flight arrival times, name and address of booked accommodation for their stay.At this point he gave no names of hotels,destinations only that they may be staying in Manchester and then in Liverpool. I replied to his email and tried again to find out more information but this was not forthcoming. I knew at this point things did not add up. There was four weeks gap before he made contact again. He still insisted on getting my personal information and banking details to which I declined. I wrote emails back to this chap explaining that I would require deals of flights, accommodation and destination so I could charge appropriately for travel and expenses, and due to his lack of communication I had lost money and clients and reminded him that he should remember in business punctuality and good communication is an asset to which he lacks.Again, he avoided in giving specific details about his visit to the UK. At the end of August his email said his trip was postponed and would I be available for week beginning 18/9/06. I felt at this point this chap needs a lesson. I pressured him into giving more details before I could commit a treatment package, nothing materialised following this communication.In an attempt to get to know whether this was for real or was it a scam I agreed to see him for 18/9/06.I sent a curt email and signed it with all my professional and academic letters in an attempt to see if he would give further information, sadly he did not. No further emails where received from him. I checked over last weekend and again on Monday 18/9/06 and nothing. (I think he got the impression his number was up!) Other discrepencies alerted me that things were not kosher, spelling of the surname was inconsistent,syntax,grammar aswell as inarticulate use of language and the general format to the email, obviously this gave me the impression his linguistic skills left a lot to be desired! However, you certainly don't need to be well educated to plan a scam! Therefore, this made me write to Embody today to inform them so I could try and protect my fellow therapists from being had by this charleton. Just be aware and DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL OR BANKING DETAILS TO ANYONE WHOM YOU RECEIVE EMAILS FOR TREATMENTS AND APPEAR DUBIOUS. We should all take care to protect ourselves against such infamous people. LET'S BE SAFE OUT THERE FOLKS !!!!!!
Angela Rawlins
17 Jan 2007 7:23PM

I suggest that you contact the police.
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