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Posted by: Tracey Dell, 23 Apr 2008 2:53PM
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shelf life

Can anyone suggest good reading material so i can get to grips with this.Just recieved oil order and although some of them have a best before dates on coriander,rosewood and bergamot havent.Also recieved mandarin which says best before 11/08, I know citrus oils do have a short shelf life so I guess bergamot will have a similar short date.


Angela Rawlins
23 Apr 2008 5:26PM

Hi Tracey I'm not an aromatherapist but............. I think I'd insist they give me a better one! Try keeping them in the fridge, lots of things last longer in the fridge:))
Tracey Dell
24 Apr 2008 2:38PM

Thanks Angela, I did think about phoning and asking for another bottle but the woman I spoke to when I placed the order was very intimidating so I will put it down to experience this time around.
Angela Rawlins
24 Apr 2008 4:49PM

Don't let her brow beat you Tracey! Tell her you just might have to let us all know who they are!!
Tracey Dell
29 Apr 2008 4:17PM

I know I should be more authorative but everybody has bad days and just maybe this was one of hers.After all we never know whats going on in others lives that makes them react the way they do so Im giving her the benefit of the doubt . :-)
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