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Posted by: Juozas Abeciunas, 16 Feb 2011 5:12PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

sport massage experience

Hello I am newly qualified sport massage therapist. I just find out that it is very difficult to find a job, especially when you don`t have much of experience. Can anyone help me, or advise me where could find a place where I could work as Sport massage therapist under supervision. I could work for free for few months. Thank you very much for your advises and help. I highly appreciated that. Joseph Abec uzikas@mail.com


Sue Hannaford
16 Feb 2011 5:26PM

Can I suggest that you post where you are located/prepared to work and what sports massage qualification you have?
Juozas Abeciunas
16 Feb 2011 5:28PM

sorry about that I live in London and I have ITEC sport massage lvl 3 qualification.
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