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Posted by: Rebecca Lanigan , 19 May 2011 9:26AM
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Sports massage courses

Hi there I am a qualified ITEC holistic massage therapist who has a real passion for health and fitness. After I qualified in Feb 2010, I then embarked on CPD's including deep tissue, myofascial realease, remedial techniques and a few others. I have a desire to work in the fitness arena and am seriously considering a sports massage course starting this summer. This is obviously a big commitment - money, time and study. I live in London and would be grateful if anyone can recommend the best course... I am leaning towards the BTEC level 5 with The School of Natural Therapies in Clapham. Once I have a short list, I would visit all the schools and have a chat with the tutors before I make my final decision. I still work full time in a TV job and massage outside of these hours, so my life is quite full. The plan is to work part time office based job / part time massage therapist. Feasable... or taking on too much? I don't have any children, however they are planned within the next 2 years plus a wedding. Thanks in advance Becky


Bridgette Bradley
19 May 2011 10:18AM

Hi Becky. I'm a level 3 ITEC sports massage therapist and thoroughly recommend you do a sports course. You'll have a much greater understanding Of which muscle groups to treat when a patient presents with an injury albeit acute knee injury or common back strain and so much more. I am also a health Fitness enthusiast and as such the courses that I've taken have lead me to my next challenge of the stott Pilates mat plus course. With regard to which accredited Course options you have; there are many good colleges out there. ITEC and btec are both equally good but with ITEC you can take abroad as it's internationally Recognised. Not sure bout btec someone may be able to advise on this. Sadly the college I attending is closing early next year so I can't recommend any ITEC colleges However the btec ones I've checked out are lssm London school of sports massage where you will be instructed by the fabulous Mel cash and the nlssm north London School of sports massage. Yes it is expensive but well worth the knowledge you'll gain. I suggest you do know before the children arrive! Lol. All the very best And good luck. Oh check out the sports massage association for accredited courses also. Bridgette x
Giuseppe Tomaselli
19 May 2011 11:42AM

Dear Becky, I would definitely recommend you to do a sport massage course. It is the treatment I most practice and what people contact me for. Very rarely I am asked to perform a relaxing massage or other forms. Also, it is the one which, whoever practise a sport of goes to the gym, requires on a regular basis and could almost guaranty a regular income. As with all treatment, it will take a while to establish a customer base but, if you get good recommendations, the number of customers will soon escalate. Look at Adult Education Colleges. Some offer ITEC courses on Sport Massage and they are cheaper than many other outlets. The one near me, in Alma Road, Sidcup, is well organised and has a very good teacher. Good luck with the wedding and with starting a family. Regards, Giuseppe
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