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Posted by: Sharon Lorimer, 14 Jun 2006 10:44AM
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Sports Therapy Massage

Hi, I have been looking at the various diploma courses available for Sport Massage and I'm in a bit of quandary as to which one to go for. All of them appear to cover the same subjects and run over the same period of time and yet there are vast differences in the cost of these courses. The ones I'm considering are APNT, ITEC and LSSM BTEC course. Could anyone recommend the best course? Thanks in advance Sharon


Nicki Lee
24 Jun 2006 10:46AM

Hi Sharon, I can't give you a definitive answer, because each one will be different, and it will depend as well on who is offering the course. The awarding bodies set the criteria to be covered and the minimum number of hours, but the school or provider then decides how it is offered, and of course, the cost. Teaching quality can of course differ as well. As well as looking at what is offered, you might ask some questions on how it is delivered, the size of the classes, etc. One thing I have seen is that a lot of people study sports massage when what they really want is a remedial massage course, but many people aren't aware of this option and the difference between them. Sports massage is aimed at working with the sports person, for pre and post event work and maintenance, injury prevention and recovery. Most courses also look at strapping and taping as well. Remedial massage uses a variety of advanced techniques and methods to help people with massage who suffer from complaints due to postural faults, work, stress, injury, etc. Good luck on your search, hopefully others will reply with some specific recommendations. Nicki
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