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Posted by: Renata Dias, 21 Jun 2007 12:29PM
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Starting as a holistic massage therapist

Hello! My name is Renata and i have recently qualified in ITEC holistic massage in november 2006. I would like some advice on how to start as a massage therapist? Is it best to work with an employer or be self employed to start off? At the moment i am only practising treatment on family meembers and friends only. Would be great to have advice from other experienced therapists about where to start off or any other advice.


Nicky Dyer
21 Jun 2007 9:01PM

Hi Renata, My best advice would be to keep going with massaging all your friends for now, even if that means doing lots for free. I told my friends I needed to do 100 treatments before I was happy to charge and would they like to come and help me out. That way I didn't lose my confidence and also some of them became clients or bought gift vouchers off me. If you wait for your first client to walk through the door, you may well have lost your nerve! My best deal was to tell my chiropractor I needed bodies to practise on and he very kindly let me practise on him and his wife and from that he displayed my brochures in his clinic. I've had many clients from that. Good luck!
Renata Dias
27 Jun 2007 2:47PM

Thanks Nicky Dyers for your advice. it was really helpful and i will take it on board in the future. From Renata Dias
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