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Posted by: Sandra Mary Smith, 18 Feb 2011 11:29AM
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Hello, Im fairly new to this line of work and am trying to build up a client base. I have been offered the chance to give a short talk (ten to fifteen minutes)at the end of a sewing workshop based in the village where I live. There will be sixteen local ladies attending. Im viewing this as a really good opportunity and would appreciate any advice or comments regarding how to proceed. This is what Im planning to do (first thoughts)Introduce myself, short history of how I came to this point, description of my servce, short demonstration, leaflets and fliers to hand out, Appointment book at the ready! Any thoughts anyone, I havnt done anything like this before. Thanks Sandra


Sue Hannaford
18 Feb 2011 11:51AM

I would think about how my treatments could help people who sew alot and make sure you talk about that. I would probably like to watch them sew to get some ideas! I would ask firstly do they get any particular aches and pains from sewing and then make sure the demo addressed those issues. Talk about how your treatment can be adapted to what is going on for them - eg might be tight neck and shoulders, but could also be arm issues. Work out how you can do some work on hands and arms (one of those gardening kneeler cushions is great if you have to kneel to reach hands) and demo that. What they want to know is how it will help them. Hope that helps. Good luck!
Barbara Lewis
18 Feb 2011 11:53AM

sounds like you have it covered although you dont say what you are talking about - massage holistic therapies etc i used to ask my students to make a 30 opoint lsit of things they needed to cover in a talk to a wi group this was invlauable take account of age and type of group for the sewing group there are likely to be neck problems repetitive strain on hands carpel tunnel leg problems ifthey are using a maching and back problems so make sure you cover some aspect of these and how whatever you do may help if it is a small group i find it is good to get them to participate massageing their own hands or pointing out muscles which may be tight etc although use of oils creams might be inadvisable if they have sewing materials around 15 minutes is perhaps too short to include a demonstration unless you can do this while they have tea as i have done sometimes make sure you get contact details of anyone who wants toknow more by putting out a paper for them to sign up to i usually say i sometimes hold taster sessions would or go to other events would they like detials in future obviously i then have some contacts for people who may be interested in treatments if they have a raffle or fundraising give them a taster sessio gift voucher for it at least hopefully you will then get one client to report beck to the group apologies for waffle the first talk is the most daunting just talk about what you know with passion and you will be ok happy to discuss further if you wish barb
Sandra Mary Smith
18 Feb 2011 12:03PM

Thank you both, some really good ideas there, In this instance it will be Indian Head Massage that is the focus , so neck and back could well be issues, regarding posture as needleworkers, so IHM would be an ideal therapy. Other than that I practice Reiki and aim to cover that separatley. Thanks again Sandra :)
Sue Hannaford
18 Feb 2011 12:16PM

Yes, absolutely - but do work out how you can work on forearms and hands if needed - I do upper arms in my IHM treatments - but I adapt if necessary - hence being able to kneel is useful - works best if you "bolster" forearm with a towel or cushion on their lap.
Sandra Mary Smith
18 Feb 2011 1:23PM

Hi Susan, I can see the logic in your suggestion but IHM is the only massage qualification I have to date , so I dont have the know how to do forearm or hand massage. May well have to focus on the back and neck. Thanks anyway Sandra :)
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