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Posted by: Emma Tustin, 23 Apr 2012 1:26PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

taster session consultations

hi there I have just set up as a mobile therapist and will be offering taster sessions at a pampering event. How short should the paper consultation form be compared to what you would use for a full session. I'll be offering Reflexology, Reiki and Chakra balancing. Any info will be a help ;o)


Sue Hannaford
23 Apr 2012 1:35PM

Check the forums - there has been a discussion about this already. Regards Sue
Angela Rawlins
23 Apr 2012 2:55PM

Hi I usually just ask if they have certain health problems and also if they have anything other problem I need to be aware of. I usually give 15 minute slots are just enough time to get the details and treat.
Angelina Kelly
24 Apr 2012 10:14AM

Hi Emma, In this situation it is enough to ask if they have any current health problems and if they are on any meds. The treatment should only be foot massage (reflexology) you are not looking for anything you are simply showing what the therapy is and how it feels. You are not attempting to correct anything either so keep it light, keep it gentle and keep it general. You are not responsible for anything, it is up to whoever comes to you, at the event, to take it at their own risk. Remember you are simply promoting not treating. Hope this helps. Angelina (Reflexologist)
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