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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 24 Apr 2012 9:06AM
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Teenage growing pains

Hi, I have been approached by a client who wonders if I can help with his son's growing pains - arms and legs. These pains are keeping him awake at night. I have done some research and it seems that nutrition plays a big part. Can I help with massage? Has anyone treated for this? Thanks a lot. Jane


Amanda Clegg
24 Apr 2012 9:22AM

My daughter had these for a bit now and again. GP said it's mostly caused by growth (obviously) but the pain is due to bits growing at slightly different rates - eg bones grow a bit before tendons stretch to fit, and they do grow so fast! Yes nutrition is most important - good balanced diet with good protein to include oily fish, and vit e also helped, and in particular good hydration - and massage helped a bit with the discomfort. It doesn't last!
Angelina Kelly
24 Apr 2012 10:06AM

Hi Jane, Reflexology will help the body to balance and adjust and will help create a relaxed body and mind. Very gentle yoga could be of benefit too but only with a qualified yoga teacher. Bach Flower Remedy Walnut will also help with the changes (mentally, emotionally and spiritually)and the knowledge that it is only for a short time, the body eventually balances itself. Ultimately it's all part of growing up and when the person is assured that it is "normal" it usually helps with acceptance. Hope this helps. Angelina Kelly
Mike Colquhoun
24 Apr 2012 10:44AM

Hi Jane Many years ago I treated a girl who at times was in a wheelchair with the pain from this, now a strapping 6ft 3in and perfectly healthy. Gentle Massage gave some relief. This was before I understood the lymphatic pumps and how to identify such problems, if you checkout http://muskelym.co.uk/?p=464 it explains the lymphatic system and how to identify problems then find 'B.Ly.S.S. Page 2' followed by 'Lymphatic Pump Therapy' to see what to do if you have identified this as a part of the problem, which I think is highly likely. Best of luck, i would love to hear how you get on. Yours aye Mike
Nicki Lee
24 Apr 2012 11:16AM

Hi Jane, I have a client whose daughter suffers after pe class, but I haven't done much research yet so I'd be very interested in what you find. My understanding is the same as Amanda's, so I would expect gentle to moderate massage may help with pain relief, probably more to do with the nervous system than any musculoskeletal changes. Nicki
Claudia McIlroy
24 Apr 2012 5:47PM

Hi Jane, had 2 cases with knee pain and thoracic (visible as ribcage was different hight). In both cases R.I.E (RestIceElevate) and massage / stretching helped to get pass the initial pain as well as healthy balanced diet.
Angela Rawlins
24 Apr 2012 6:14PM

Hi Jane I'm a biomagnetic therapist and I would suggest a mat for the bed. I'm Norstar trained. My cats and elderly severely arthritic mother were my guinea pigs!
Jane Hopwood
25 Apr 2012 7:06AM

Thanks everyone for the great advice. Jane
George Dunmow
27 Apr 2012 5:17PM

Hi Jane, Over the last couple of years I have been treating my daughter and a few of her friends with Craniosacral Therapy which has helped a great deal with 'growing pains'.
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