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Posted by: Jo Webb, 15 Aug 2006 7:27PM
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Telegraph 2 for 1 offer

Current magazine asks for people to sign up for next promotion but website still referring to last year. How successful did people find it? Apart from doing 2 treatments for the price of one did you get clients booking for further treatments or existing clients taking advantage of the saving? Is it worth it? Jo


Linden (Lin) Gregory
15 Aug 2006 8:56PM

Hi Jo I had 2 responses...one from a new client who just wanted to try out Bowen and the other was a current client already booked in who benefitted by having one of those pre-booked sessions free. I too dont know whether to go for this again as it didnt work for me last time. Any other feedback out there? Lin
Roushan Martens
15 Aug 2006 11:10PM

I only got one, but they did come back another time after using the offer...
Sue Rogers
15 Aug 2006 11:48PM

I found this offer very good. I had approximately 8 appointments booked with one of those becoming a regular client now. Definitely worthwhile. Good Luck Sue
Joyce Laurie
16 Aug 2006 10:08PM

Whist the Telegraph is available in Scotland it does not have such a wide readership here. It probably would be of no use to me.
Linden (Lin) Gregory
17 Aug 2006 10:34AM

Having pondered a little more perhaps the readership in each area of the country affects the uptake. For example in a strong Tory area (the Telegraph is known as the "Torygraph") perhaps there will be a greater response. I live in a predominantly labour/liberal area - that may be the reason for the poor response. Can anyone else back this theory?? Lin
Jo Spaczynska
6 Oct 2006 6:27PM

Hi Jo I had about 8 people who came for the sessions which was very good however even though a few said they would be back no-one actually re-booked. Jo Spaczynska
Sue Hannaford
22 Oct 2006 12:59PM

Hi everyone. I had a fairly successful response last year BUT had people booking multiple sets of sessions - I hadn't thought about it beforehand so wasn't prepared when they booked up more dates at the first appointment. I worked extremely hard doing lots of half price treatments and had to turn new people away because I was too booked up with 'returners'. Last year's Telegraph Ts&Cs specifically say there is no limit to how many vouchers people can redeem.... Out of the many people that came to me, only one became a very regular (not bad) and a couple come occasionally. However, I'm still not sure about signing up again, because I really only want to offer such cheap treatments (if at all) to NEW clients on first appointment, not existing ones (and there is no way of refusing as there are no exclusions regarding this). I spoke to Embody when the idea was first put forward earlier in the year of more schemes like this and was told it would be looked into and to keep an eye on the website - didn't see anything about this. I also spoke to someone on the CThA stand at CAMEXPO last week who was not aware of the issue and was going to pass on the comments. The problem is that the newspapers will not want us to limit the offer to new clients only. Unfortunately the half way house of one offer per household, for example, doesn't seem likely to happen either. Therefore, if you go ahead, it is possible to halve your income for the offer period as you can't say no to existing clients - ouch. Personally I would prefer a limit on redemption and then it can be at my discretion to waive that limit should I wish. What does anyone else think or any ideas round it? Sue
Linden (Lin) Gregory
22 Oct 2006 7:33PM

Following on from my previous posts I wholeheartedly agree that the offer should be open to new clients only. If the issue about new clients wasnt even known about at CAMExpo having posted on this subject back in August I wonder how much comments on this board are taken into account when decisions are made :)) I also note that this year the News of the World and the Telegraph have been chosen. IMHO my feelings are that Embody should be looking at the readership of the Guardian and the Independent (and perhaps the Daily Mail) who I feel would be more open to using a Complementary Health offer. The readership is more diverse, generally the papers promote more natural health and green issues and would probably provide long term clients who would want to make complementary health part of their lifestyle on a regular basis.
Lucy Stevens
25 Oct 2006 12:46PM

Interesting to read this discussion: are Embody planning to do research among their members, both those who take part in these promotions and those who don't, to evaluate its success?
John Dent
25 Oct 2006 3:24PM

In response to the suggestion that Embody should only use the more "upmarket" newspapers for promotions: in fact it is very difficult indeed to get any newspapaer promotions at all. We go for ones with the higher ABC1 socio-economic groups only. Newspapers do not offer them lightly and many require conditions and fees that we cannot accept. We have to use a specialist agency to gain us promotions as the newspapers do none of the work at all - this is all done by ourselves and the agency. As Embody gets better known and as the takeup increases we may be able to sell the idea to other papers. We are also looking at other media (magasines and specialist journals) where the numbers will be much smaller. On the matter of restriction to new clients. A token scheem as others have shown is designed to bring new clients. The newspaper cannot restrict that. Members no doubt have their own Conditions and Terms of Trade with their clients and they can build into those a restriction on accepting vouchers or if they wish special terms for these. (e.g the free one only to try a new treatment not used before). Also members will build a good relationship with their clients so both undertsand. Lastly if members get new clients with vouchers and give the 2 for 1 then presumably they keep contact details with those new clients and market their services to them. John Dent Embody
Pamela Dean
20 Sep 2007 6:38PM

A bit late maybe but .... I signed up for the Feb 06 Telegraph offer and it gave me the kick start required for my business and I still have regular clients from it. However, I did not participate in the last 2 for 1 offer as, not wishing to sound "snobbish", was a little wary about advertising massage in the News of the World! If I'd opted only for the Telegraph again, I'd guess that my existing clients would have been the main beneficiaries. Only one of my clients had collected 20 vouchers (5 bogofs) whilst the others appeared only to collect those from the weekend/Sunday papers therefore accruing less vouchers. I doubt whether most Telegraph readers would have bothered to change their routines for a voucher. So a bit of "Pooh trap for hefalumps" with regard to the category of newspaper approached. However, these promotions cannot be restricted to new clients only. It is not only impractical but also unfair. The newspapers obviously wish to try to increase their sales with these promotions so that maybe one way for them to do so would be for perhaps Embody to negotiate more vouchers to be required or a shorter collecting period. Also perhaps a 3 for 2 offer instead of 2 for 1 would be more acceptable to some members and perhaps of extra benefit to clients! Pam Dean
Gillian Kenyon
18 May 2008 11:31AM

I have just received this from EMBODY - they are asking therapists to collect the vouchers and send them back. Why when we are not being paid anything for the vouchers- is it because all the other campaigns seem to have been so disasterous and EMBODY wishes to counter those claims ?. I am however aghast that as this promotion is being run by Mosaic - and will be being paid for by Muller - why is it being taken as the second promotion for which EMBODY members have paid - It is not costing EMBODY anything - indeed, I would even ask, is this like the aborted ASDA promotion through Mosaic - are EMBODY being paid by Mosaic as well as being paid £20 by us members ?. Second Embody Promotion begins tomorrow From: Embody Promotions (promo@embodyforyou.com) You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe Sent:18 May 2008 06:22:26 To: thehclub@hotmail.com Dear Gillian The Müllerlight on pack promotion begins tomorrow, 2.5 million promotional packs will begin to hit the shelves tomorrow. For terms and conditions see: www.embodyforyou.com/Promotions/MullerlightTermsAndConditions To help us monitor the response to this promotion, please can you collect all vouchers you receive and send them in to us at the end of the promotion to the address below. Good luck Martyn Nixon Marketing Manager Embody Embody Promotions PO Box 6955 Towcester NN12 6WZ Tel: 0870 005 2646 Fax: 0844 779 8898 Email : info@embodyforyou.com Web : www.EmbodyForYou.com A division of Education & Media Services Limited.
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