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Posted by: Clio Gayton, 21 Sep 2011 6:00PM
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The best way to get clients

Hi, I am newly qualified massage therapist and I looking for some clients. I just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to attract and retain clients. What offer worked best for you? How long does it usually take to get regular clients? Many Thanks Clio


Judith Quin
23 Sep 2011 10:57PM

Hi Clio This really depends on your area, type of treatment offered and target client. However, for me, in the past I have offered both "buy 3 get one free" and "First 3 Treatments only £..." (my discount on the treatments was 30% but you may want to do more or less) This way, the client gets to know you and whether your treatments are beneficial to them or not. You start building a relationship. Some have stayed regular clients, some occasional and some stopped after the offer - that's the way it's going to be. They say that in any business it takes 3years to get off the ground, so stick in there. "The more mud you fling at a wall the more will stick" Best of luck. Judith
Angelina Kelly
27 Sep 2011 12:42PM

Hi Clio, Welcome to the world of therapy. Getting clients is challenging at the best of times keeping them is another thing. I've been in business for 15 years and in that time have done exhibitions, demos, workshops, special offers, free promotion and leaflet drops and posters on shop noticeboards. I've also done TV, Radio, Newspapers and Trade Magazines. All bring in a trickle however they do give your name a face and lets people know where you are and how to contact you. I suggest you try everything and see what works for you, most of all, don't give up the day job because the chances are you won't make a living out of it, very few do, they only ones who do are those with a marketing company behind them. Give it your best shot, it's very rewarding work and beats a day job hands down. Helping people to cope better with their own lives is our reward and the reason why we do what we do. Your best advertisement is YOU, be a walking proof that what you do works then others will want what you have and come to you to get it. Best of luck, keep in touch. Angelina
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