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Posted by: Christine Beadle, 18 Sep 2010 2:45PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

The BHMA..

Is anyone a member and what do you think? Chrissy


Gillian Kenyon
20 Sep 2010 3:28PM

As Edith Maskell said back in 2007 - 'We NEED to get involved. The purpose of regulation is to protect the public. There is no way out for us now. The Government WILL eventually deem that the public aren't protected if there are more practitioners outside of the system than in! Over and out'. Unfortunately, there are now so very many MORE organisations than there were back in the early days of voluntary regulation discussions (I have seen minutes of meetinsg that go back years before the 2002 White Paper. So which oine do you join ?. I guess it is a case of pay your money and be careful about what you expect to get for your money. If it is new clients and more business - my advice is .... invest in the lottery. You have a better chance of increasing your income that way !.
Angela Rawlins
20 Sep 2010 4:56PM

Hi From what I have heard the only Regulators worth looking at are The CNHC and the GRCCT
Gillian Kenyon
20 Sep 2010 6:31PM

Angela is quite correct. There are only 2 VOLUNTARY regulators to choose from at the moment and it will probably not be long before they both go bust!. Meanwhile, I have listed hundreds of Professional Associations/Institutes/Associations/Affinity Groups who all claim to be 'the one' to join. But what for ?. No-one outside of the industry, a.k.a clients, has ever heard of any of them.
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