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Posted by: Elizabeth Farrow, 29 May 2008 7:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

The H Club

I would like to share my thoughts and feelings with other members of the C Th Association concerning the threads posted in respect of the H Club. I am wondering if it is appropriate for threads to be placed on the forums, which essentially promote other associations and organisations (generally)? I am keen to share information, knowledge and experience with other professionals within the organisation and beyond, promoting the work offered by practitioners, who belong to the Association, I feel sure there are members who may share my views and I would welcome any feedback. My concern is simply that, each of us as members have a opportunity to promote our own business's and practices. We each have a responsibility to support the Association in our own way and value our membership. In return the Assoication seeks to support its members by providing a range of activities, workshops and local events. Raising standards in the field of complementary therapies is a current issue, which we can all work together professionally . I would not want this posting to be misunderstood or misinterpreted, I am not saying anything against the H club or any other clubs, which may appear on the forums and my comments are not in any way personal. What I am saying is that; perhaps condsideration could be given to the methodolgy that such clubs are promoted rather than using the C Th A forums as a conduit for such marketing.


Fiora Touliatou
20 Aug 2008 10:59PM

I am not sure if my reply is relevant to your enquiry but just wanted to get this out of my chest. I feel disappointed about the H Club, as I think they have "used" the forum to get new members without doing what they are advertising themselves for. I found out about the H club from an e-mail they sent me (they found me through CThA) and they were announcing they needed therapists in South Wales urgently, because of a huge demand they had from clients but not enough therapists. I then saw them in the forum and thought that they are reliable since CThA approves them. I immediately replied and paid for membership - that was a few months ago. Since then, I had absolutely no demand/clients from them. Plus I e-mailed them to ask why and they never replied. I feel they tricked me to get my membership.
Gillian Kenyon
1 Oct 2008 6:38PM

Fiora I am so sorry your e-mail to us has not arrived. Can you please re-send it. To clarify for all concerned - The H Club quite clearly explains to ALL potential members that we do NOT guarantee anyone any new clients. As clearly explained before you ever sign up to join as a member, we are not a marketing company, we are not an internet site sales team - we are simply a group pof independent practitioners who, by way of size of numbers and focus are trying to help each other grow our businesses. All people who contact us are advised that we can only pass on client referrals that are generated from either: 1) the many promotion schemes that we have negotiated (and in which you are included) 2) direct enquiries generated through each member's location listing on our web-site for clients 3) corporate work opportunities which we source and negotiate for members to participate in In relation to corporate work, we have e-mailed out to our member practitioners two Sports events and over 90 product promotion events between July and the end of September. In relation to private client referrals, these have becaome less since the end of August as the credit crunch bit home on 2for1 promotions. Just as CThA does not guarantee any new cleints when it asks you to pay the additional £18 for inclusion in the 4 different 2for1 campaigns it has run this year - neither does The H Club The H Club states very clearly BEFORE you join, on the e-mail sending you the application, in its web-site, and in the information about promotions sent prior to your joining, that we can not gurantee anyone any new clients and that client allocations would be on a first come first served basis when we have people waiting. We also clearly state that we do NOT ask for a membership fee (our members pay £52 membership to CThA and similar amounts to other professional bodies in addition to being asked for the £18 for promotion inclusion). As a club for independent practitioners, The H Club does, however, ask members for a contribution towards the running costs of the 2 web-sites, costs of communications, costs of negotiating with marketing houses, costs of hosting our monthly meetings, of giving business advice, marketing advice etc - all of which are free when you join us to help promote the profession to which we belong. If you look at the promotions that members are included in by way of their membership of The H Club, members receive far more exposure than CThA is giving in this years campaigns. These promotions are all listed on www.TheHClub.org.uk for all to see. Anyone who cares to look regularly will also see that new ones are being negotiated and added throughout the year. Independent practitioners who have joined together to form The H Club contribute the equivalent of 57 PENCE per week to be part of The H Club. How much can one person on their own achieve on only 57 pence per week ? How many clients can you generate ?. How many letters can you send - not even 2 ! The H Club turned down 2 contracts this week - one to work for free 1 day per week for 3 months in Bristol/Chester/Liverpool. The other, to work for free for a Gift company who charges full rate for a voucher on the internet which the client is given by the purchaser and uses with the practitioner for a 'FREE' treatment. As we all know, no-one ever gets paying clients from FREE vouchers these days. The H Club has moved totally away from this kind of client and only offers fee paying clients now - £44 per hour entirely to the therapist. Fiora, you have not long joined us, please rest assured, we are doing as much as we can with web listings, marketing promotions, corporate work generation etc to try to generate fee paying client referrals for everyone.... including your good self. As everyone knows, it is not easy to gain new clients in this current economic climate and we must all do as much as we can to try to keep our profession in paid employment. Don't give up, but also, don't sell yourself short.
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