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Posted by: Rebecca Lanigan , 14 Mar 2011 7:36PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

therapist cv

Hello I have worked as a mobile therapist since I qualifed just over a year ago and now want to start working in a clinic, can anyone advise what is key to put in a CV as at the moment it is looking rather short in length. I have put in my contact details, qualifications, who I qualified with, extra CPD courses and a summary of what I have achieved to date... I live in London and the market is saturated with therapists - how do I stand out? Thanks in advance Becky beckylanigan@hotmail.com


Giuseppe Tomaselli
14 Mar 2011 8:36PM

Mariette Lobo
14 Mar 2011 9:08PM

Thanks, Guiseppe. What an excellent response!
Neville Dalton
14 Mar 2011 10:03PM

Just want to echo the praise for Giuseppe. People pay fortunes to go on courses to be told in a more long-winded way what he has offered freely. You're a lucky lady, Becky! Best wishes, Neville.
Rebecca Lanigan
15 Mar 2011 5:10PM

Thank you all so much
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