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Posted by: Karen Law, 17 Jun 2012 11:02AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

therapist not qualified

Hello, If a therapist is offering reflexology to turn breech babies, or induce labour, without a specific qualification for working with pregnant women, or aromatherapy massage offered to pregnant women without an aromatherapy qualification.... is this something that needs to be looked into? Who would investigate it? Would the indurance that is in place be unhappy if they do not cover these particular services? Thanks in advance for replies


Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 11:05AM

Trading standards??
Karen Law
17 Jun 2012 11:35AM

Thanks Angela, yes, that sounds like a good place to start.
Sue Hannaford
17 Jun 2012 11:42AM

A few thoughts: massage, reflexology etc isn't regulated in itself but advertising a health or medical claim is (via ASA). Personally I would have a chat with the therapist concerned regarding them being exposed from that point of view (more of a softly softly approach?). In addition they may not realise that they may not be insured - though they may be - I know that there are insurers, for instance, who will insure people who have only done distance learning.... Does that help at all?
Nicki Lee
17 Jun 2012 11:45AM

I could be wrong, and if so I'd love to know how it's covered, but I believe that there is no LEGAL requirement to have any qualification or insurance to offer treatments such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc. It may be a case of 'buyer beware'. Which is somewhat worrying as there is no protection for consumers that don't know to look for qualifications and insurance to protect them. This is an area the professional associations can help to educate the public. I know that you have to be qualified and a member of their association for Chiropractic and Osteopathic. I'm not sure about acupuncture, that may be covered under the law because it is an invasive practice, and I know in Berkshire anyway that the council has to approve acupuncture premises for health and safety including safe disposal of sharps. As I said if this is not presently the case could someone tell me what law or regulation covers us? Nicki
Karen Law
17 Jun 2012 12:06PM

As far as I can see no specific advertisements online for maternity work, turning breech etc. Am not sure if they advertise this in their clinic. It may be that they simply offer to existing clients. and if all clients are happy then that's that, I guess. My contact is worried though and asked me for opinion as she knows I am a Doula.
Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 12:08PM

Hi Karen If you know of this person, you could make them aware of The Advertising Authority and also the benefits of being insured. Many years ago:) before, around 1996, we as students were strongly advised to have insurance.
Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 12:08PM

Hi Karen If you know of this person, you could make them aware of The Advertising Authority and also the benefits of being insured. Many years ago:) before, around 1996, we as students were strongly advised to have insurance.
Karen Law
17 Jun 2012 12:12PM

I see on LinkedIn profile that she is a clinical reflexologist. Would that mean she would have to have a degree?
Karen Law
17 Jun 2012 12:22PM

Also if her memberships of gssr, msir, mar are current then that would be ok.... although still doesn't prove specific training in maternity areas, does it? I am feeling more reassured on the reflexology point now
Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 12:39PM

MAR, means she is a member of The Association of Reflexologists as I am!If you can not find her on the AoR site as a member, then her membership has expired and you could inform them she is still using the MAR
Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 12:40PM

If she had degree, the letters would be after her name. She may have only done a workshop. Workshops do not entitle you to a practicing certificate
Angela Rawlins
17 Jun 2012 12:56PM

If she is making false claims, she will get into serious trouble with the ASA! I've heard some real worrying stories of therapists making claims without realizing The ASA is clamping down big time. SO, check your web sites!!There is a group of 'medical' people who are perusing our Association sites and looking at the members web sites and reporting them to the ASA. One therapist I've seen, think it may be one of ours, has been fined and ordered to remove web site.
Angelina Kelly
17 Jun 2012 5:10PM

Hi Karen, As a Reflexologist myself I was not allowed to treat any pregnant woman during training, the very least that is required is the full diploma or degree. The Reflexologist has to be registered and a fully paid up, insured member of a governing body. It is not necessary to have done a specific course in pregnancy reflexology, though it certainly helps to increase the confidence of both therapist and patient. The general rule is to be fully qualified first, then inform the doctors involved and then for the first trimester use only gentle foot massage, in the second trimester use gentle reflexology and in the third trimester to use normal reflexology. In the case of a previous miscarriage it is always best to get medical permission. It is in the interests of all concerned that the reflexologist is fully qualified because it has been known to happen that the reflexologist has been blamed for causing problems during pregnancy. It does no harm to check the credentials and as always the best advice is - if in doubt, don't. By the by my clinic has had 13 successful births in the last 17 years. Hope this helps Angelina Kelly
Karin Douglas
17 Jun 2012 10:59PM

I think Susan's point is a good one.. my approach would be either to have a quiet word with the therapist , or to advise my contact who had expressed concerns to do so. Did the therapist directly and clearly offer these services to your contact, or is there any way your contact might have misconstrued something they said ? It's a difficult one for you, as you only have a second-hand account of the alleged actions. If there was a clear breach of standards or ethics, then I think it would be about the person who had raised the concerns contacting, in this case, the AoR to notify them of the issue. They would then investigate and take any appropriate action( in the same way as CThA would if a complaint was raised against you or I ) Sounds like a pretty unpleasant situation for all involved to be in, hope it gets cleared up soon.
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