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Posted by: Catherine Baxter, 10 Jan 2008 10:52AM
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Therapist uniforms

I'm currently doing an ITEC A,P and Holistic Massage course and I am having great difficulty aquiring a uniform that is suitable, fits and isn't costing me a fortune in delivery charges and return postage when the item doesn't fit. I live in the High Wycombe, Bucks area, does anyone know of any shops, I don't mind if I have to travel a bit. Many thanks Cathy Baxter


Angela Rawlins
11 Jan 2008 2:15PM

Hi Catherine I know HW quite well as I was brought up there and my mum lived there till recently. There is a place here just outside Wokingham, called 'Southern Beauty' Southern Beauty Ltd www.southernbeauty.co.uk The Beauty Barn Redlake Lane, Wokingham, RG40 3BF 0118 979 1691 Get directions More information » Open Mon-Thu 9:30am-5:30pm; Fri 9:30am-1pm; Sat 9:30am-12pm It takes about 40 mins to get here. I at some time need to buy another top so don't know their prices. Uniforms can be expensive. I have seen the prices of 'Sallys':(
Hilary Price
11 Jan 2008 5:57PM

Hi Catherine, I have 2 uniforms for sale (size 18, white with navy piping and buttons) which I wore for a 2 week intensive course only, ie each one has been worn and washed 5 times only. I will sell them for £30 including P&P. Let me know if you are interested. Hilary.
Jo Hammond
12 Jan 2008 7:01PM

Hi Catherine Have a look at Alexandra workwear. They do a range of beauty/holistic uniforms at very reasonable prices and they have an on-line shop! We all bought ours from there whilst doing the original diploma and they're still going strong now! They start from £16.80 including VAT and sizes range from 80cm to 136cm in a range of colours. The website is https://www.alexandra-shop.co.uk/default.asp. They have various styles from the standard zip up the front style to one with buttons across the left shoulder with a mandarin collar. They are 60 degree wash which is good if you have oil on them which does stain eventually. Using spray on soda crystals on the stubborn bits before washing helps though! I don't work for them but have bought several uniforms over the years and you can wash and wear them and they don't look faded (black one) or still look fairly bright (white one)!!! They will send you a catalogue if you ask!! I also have a couple I no longer wear if you're interested plus a male uniform my husband used to wear! Good luck with your search.... Jo x
Catherine Baxter
19 Jan 2008 10:49AM

Thank you Angela, Hilary and Jo for your replies, I am going to have a look at the Southern Beauty website. I tried Alexandra but was unsucessful with the sizing and it cost me quite a bit in postage so I'm not keen to keep going on that route. Thanks again for your help. Cathy
Amanda Clegg
13 Feb 2008 10:46PM

I must confess that i gave up on 'whites' ages ago as the oils stain, they're usually poly/cotton so you can't bleach or wash hot, and you get a bit ripe working in hot rooms (I do nursing homes sometimes) and yes, they are pricey, plus the sizes aren't marvellous if you aren't a standard size 12 & 5"6, which I'm not! I wear plain black or navy trousers and a smart, coloured cotton t shirt or a polo shirt (i have 3 Gap basic ones which refuse to wear out!) I always wear my badge, and a nurses fob as well, so it look quite pro, is cheap, and easy to launder. Plus its 100% cotton - much nicer! A therapist friend of mine has polo shirts with his name adn 'sports therpist' embroidered neatly.
Catherine Baxter
15 Feb 2008 3:04PM

Hi Amanda, Thank you for your reply, I finally gave in a purchased a tunic at a local hairdressing warehouse, it's very smart but I fear is going to be hot, I'm purchasing a pair of M&S trousers to go with it. Like you I have been wearing a white polo and my black Yoga pants but I thought that I would need a proper uniform for the ITEC exam in July. I must admit I do feel the part in the Tunic but you would think that someone somewhere would make cotton uniforms for the more physical therapies. Thanks again Cathy Baxter
Angela Rawlins
15 Feb 2008 5:17PM

hi Polo shirts are ok for your own therapy clinic at home, however there is nothing like a tunic and trousers for a more professional look. I some times have a white polo with tabbard, which is a bit cooler. I don't know how these suppliers can justify the cost of the tunics! I really need a new one, as the current one is very old, I it is a Florence Robey/Roby good quality but I never paid the price they want today! With regards to ITEC exams, you most certainly need to look professional! Been there 'got the tshirt' many years ago:))
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