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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 7 Feb 2012 11:07AM
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Hi, I have a client who had DVT years ago. He says his doctor says that he has thrombosis now but not DVT and client said that last ultrasound revealed no clots. He is not any medication now either. I have read what I can but don't understand how he still has thrombosis with no clots? He wears a stocking and says his leg balloons up. Its his right leg only. He has pulled a muscle(s) in lower back - and has been off work for a few days. He is a builder. He would like me to massage his back and has been personally recommended to me. I believe as long as I get his to sign a disclaimer and note all the information above, I can massage his back. Any opinions would be much appreciated.


Jennifer Spall
7 Feb 2012 11:56AM

Hi Jane Contact his GP with his permission. This covers you and the client. I have found GP's to be very helpful. Jenny Spall
Nicki Lee
7 Feb 2012 2:17PM

Hi Jane, Some GPs are more helpful than others! However with an ongoing condition of this severity I would check. However, that can mean your client phoning his doctor and having a discussion, rather than waiting for a letter. I understand your confusion, as my reference book says that thrombosis is the presence of a clot! This is where communication seems to get garbled, as often the client doesn't entirely understand exactly what's going on. If it seems ok to go ahead, you obviously wouldn't massage the leg itself, but might consider the safety of treating the gluts/piriformis directly. This is often where low back pain stems from, but I'm not sure what you'd do as you'd probably be avoiding the leg. Keep in mind this person is likely on anti-coagulents/blood thinners, which makes deep tissue work anywhere on the body something to approach with caution. One method I use to decide if massage is safe is to ask if any activity, particularly sport or exercise, has been advised against. Good luck! Deciding whether or not to treat, and how to proceed, is the tricky bit sometimes! Nicki
Jane Hopwood
7 Feb 2012 4:19PM

Thanks for replies. He is no longer on medication because the scan has shown there are no clots. He was on medication which dispersed the clot. He says he has recently had another ultrasound which has revealed no clots however he has to wear a stocking and says sometimes his leg swells. I think I will tell him that because I will have to massage his gluts that he needs to ask doctor. Thanks again.
Angela Rawlins
20 Feb 2012 4:43PM

Jane, send the GP a SAE to make sure of a reply:) A good tip given to me from a friend
Jane Hopwood
23 Feb 2012 8:05AM

Yes, good idea. Thanks
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