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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 18 Mar 2012 2:16PM
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tight skin on feet

Hi, I know we don't medically diagnose but could anyone point me in the right direction with my query. I have a client who says her skin feels tight on her feet especially around her ankles. Almost like the skin feels that it wants to burst. She does not have swollen ankles so I dont think its water retention? Obviously I have advised her to see her doctor. I am still asking this question though as I myself have this same problem but only around my ankles and don't know why. My research so far has not given me any further research. Any suggestions or advice on research areas to explore would be great. Kind regards Jane


Yvonne Jevons
18 Mar 2012 4:43PM

Hi Jane, Have you considered injuries or burns to the feet in past lives? Perhaps the feet having been cut off (in battle or a farming accident for example) around the ankle area? This may well account for the feelings your client is experiencing. Kind regards Yvonne
Jennifer Spall
18 Mar 2012 10:24PM

Hi Jane Have you considered treating the retinaculum with massage? This has worked for a client of mine who had difficulty with tight/inflexable ankles first thing in the morning. Jenny
Angela Rawlins
19 Mar 2012 6:43PM

Tight inflexable ankles says to me: That the person for some reason ihas restricted movement forwards in life. Something/one is stopping them from moving on. Ankles represent the hips - moving forwards in life. If right - was past stuff and male relationship, left: this is current and female relationship. Too tight - unable to move, small space? Skin presenting what is inside coming out into the open
Jane Hopwood
20 Mar 2012 9:25AM

Hi thanks for your comments. However, ankles are not tight. It is the skin that "feels" tight - like ready to burst. I have suggested to see doctor but I wonder if anyone here can think of any medical reasons the "skin" might feel tight. There is no fluid retention. Kind regards Jane
Angela Smith
20 Mar 2012 12:20PM

don't know whether this is what you are describing but it may help: http://arthritis.about.com/od/sclero/a/differenttypes.htm
Jane Hopwood
21 Mar 2012 6:48AM

Hi thanks for your reply. I have looked at the site and it is very interesting but I don't think it is that. I will let you know what the doctor says. Thanks
Angela Smith
21 Mar 2012 11:43AM

i would be interested in what your GP has to say. Best of luck, it sounds like you are experiencing a puzzling and uncomfortable condition...take care, angela
Yvonne Jevons
21 Mar 2012 11:49AM

Hi, I too will be interested to see what the Doctor advises. Angela Rawlins in the post above is on the right track - Doctors can 'diagnose' the physical symptoms but there doesn't seem to be much understanding about the underlying emotional causes. I'm not talking about the head, psychiatric stuff. I'm talking about the levels to which peoples hearts are closed because of life traumas - even if you don't believe in past lives, the one life we are living now can have enough emotional trauma/shock to cause severe physical effects 'symptoms'. Time for everyone to be looking deeper than the physical if 'symptoms' are to clear up and be 'cured'.
Angela Rawlins
22 Mar 2012 7:44PM

The tightness sounds like as if the person had burnt their feet, say when sun bathing. I was trying to imagine the feeling. I remember being sun burnt and the skin felt tight then. I am an Emotional Freedom practitioner and we believe that every emotional experience can affect the body in physical ways. I am also a Reflexologist oof several years and read feet - hence my comments:)) They are often right
Jane Hopwood
23 Mar 2012 6:41PM

Hi thanks for all the responses - they have given me much to think about. I love the feedback we get on this site. Thank you so much. Kind regards Jane
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