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Posted by: Debbie Murphy, 6 Apr 2013 3:15PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Training for Facials and Anti-Aging Facials

Hello, Does anyone know of a good training provider for: 1) Anti-Aging Facials 2) Facials with electric stimulation 3) Any other 'good facial therapies' Thanks ever so much. Debbie :) t 07852 321 015


Diane Chapman
7 Apr 2013 8:00PM

Hi I am an Arbonne Consultant and we have the best anti-ageing products on the market (clinical tests have been done against other direct selling companies and high street brands). I fully recommend the products as I use them and have had amazing results; skin tightening, decreased in wrinkles especially around the eye area. My business partner is an expert in her field with 30 years in the beauty industry; she runs workshops for anti-ageing facials using these products which give amazing results. If this is something that you would like to know more about please email me dianechapman8@gmail.com and I can help you by putting you in touch with her.
Hilary John
10 Apr 2013 3:56PM

Hi Debbie I'm jumping in on this thread too as i am interested in training in Facials (manicures and pedicures) just to add to my list so i will be interested in any feedback that you get. Finding it hard to locate a course that would just offer those things as i dont really want to do the full beauty therapy course at the moment. Also I would be interested to know if the CThA inssurance will cover us for facials, manicures and pedicures? Fingers crossed for some feedback soon. :-) Hilary x
Debbie Murphy
13 Apr 2013 4:27PM

I'll let you know what I find out - could you do the same. Cheers Debs :)
Hilary John
13 Apr 2013 5:01PM

No Problem Debbie. I am a Neal's Yard Independant Consultant as well and have just stumbled across a lady who can train in Facials (more the beauty side of things rather than massages) using the products i sell. So i am in contact with her to see if she can help me. Good luck. xx
Debbie Murphy
13 Apr 2013 5:05PM

Thanks Could you provide me with her details? Cheers Debbie :) x
Hilary John
13 Apr 2013 5:12PM

Hi Debbie Her Website is http://www.hollingdalesbeautyroom.co.uk/default.html She does 1-1 training. Havent done any myself yet but am seriously considering the facial and eventually the manicures and pedicures to add to my therapies (a couple of more 'sit down' ones for my more tired days) x
Debbie Murphy
13 Apr 2013 5:17PM

Thanks for that - I'll let you know if I go ahead. Good luck. Debs :) x
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