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Posted by: Luisa Cicuttin, 5 Mar 2013 4:35PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

training to help with injuries

Hi,I have been working as a massage therapist for some years now and would like to be able to help more with people who come to me with back pain,neck pain,shoulder pain etc,I am unsure what training to take next,whether to do a sports massage course or smaller individual courses focusing on specific areas.If I do take the sports massage course would it cover all that anyway,would appreciate hearing from anyone with this experience,I live in London are there courses that anyone recommends?


Roxanne Degarie
5 Mar 2013 5:41PM

check http://puremassage.com/ or http://www.inspiremassageworkshops.co.uk/
Sue Hannaford
6 Mar 2013 9:01AM

Rachel Jane Brockhurst
6 Mar 2013 12:48PM

Hi Luisa, I've just completed the ITEC Level 3 course in Sports Massage Therapy at City Lit. I really enjoyed the course, it was led by an excellent tutor who gave us a very useful portfolio of techniques (including myofascial release, neuro-muscular technique & muscle energy techniques) as well as good instruction on effective deep tissue, dynamic massage. I'd recommend doing Sports if you are interested in doing more specific remedial work and like your a&p. Look out for the different levels however - my level 3 course doesn't enable me to treat injured (pathological) tissue. A Level 4 or 5 course does take you onto this stage, along with offering more diagnostic skills. I however decided not to go for those courses as the time commtiment was far higher and involved hours of event work (on location at marathons etc) which I was less interested in doing. I'd also recommend getting a copy of Mel Cash's Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy - it will give you a good insight into the techniques and help you decide if they are for you. Hope that helps! Rachel
Luisa Cicuttin
6 Mar 2013 3:18PM

Thankyou for the links and advice it has been helpful,I will look out for Mel Cash's book,and will look into City lit, I know Jing have a good reputation but would like to study in London due restraints on time,thanks everybody,Luisa
Kerry Oliver
8 Mar 2013 4:29PM

Good luck with getting what you need. Jing do some courses in London by the way.
Mike Colquhoun
9 Mar 2013 12:45AM

Hi Luisa I'm getting on a bit now and have for some time past been trying to pass on all I've learned over 25 years of working as a remedial masseur. Can't say I've met with any success but I suppose I would be wary of some old idiot constantly pushing his web site but there really is allot of FREE information on it. How muscles and joints work, How they develop problems and how those problems spread along predictable lines; How to find and treat those problems using simple massage techniques and how to make a living helping people out of pain and preventing many of those problems from recurring. It all needs rewriting since it has grown organically and though there was an original structure that has got a bit lost. So its not an easy read but it is full of information. Just as a for instance there is an explanation on the home page of about 70% of osteoarthritis; how it starts, develops and finally becomes intolerable. What the patient should do is also all there. What the therapist needs to do is on another page. I don't go into treating individual areas such as low back or tennis elbow or whatever because basically they're all the same problem just in separate joints. The site is www.muskelym.co.uk and if you have any questions ring and ask I can bore for England on this topic because I live for it. Yours aye Mike
Luisa Cicuttin
9 Mar 2013 3:44PM

Thankyou Mike, sounds interesting and I will take the time to have a read,thanks for you help,Luisa
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