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Posted by: Bianca Chantelle Amin-Amin, 2 Jul 2007 2:52PM
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Treatment prices

Hi, I have recently qulaified in the following disciplines and I am having difficulty in deciding on prices for each - bearing in mind that I will be working on a mobile basis with the option for clients to visit me at home also. Would anyone be kind enough to advise me on prices in relation to duration of treatment for mobile consultants: Swedish massage Aromatherapy massage - full incl. face and head Hot Stone massage Head, neck and shoulder massage - Indian style Chakra balance Thank you in advance for your feedback Bianca


Ruth Maguire
2 Jul 2007 3:04PM

Hi Bianca, congratulations on qualifying. The best thing for you to do is to research what other therapists in your area are charging - why not do a postcode search on Embody for You and have a look at their websites? When setting your prices remember to consider not only the cost of you getting there but the time it will take you, you might only work within certain postal codes/areas or increase prices for jobs further away. Hope this helps, good luck building your practice. Ruth
Bianca Chantelle Amin-Amin
2 Jul 2007 4:00PM

Hi Ruth, Thank you for your prompt reply. 'tis much appreciated. Your advice was helpful and I was able to get a better feel for the cost of treatments in my area. I can start to work on prices for my mobile services. Best regards Bianca
Suzanne Zacharia
4 Jul 2007 7:36AM

Hi Bianca, I can only assume you already have a source of income, or you wouldn't be asking this question. What I would advise is to imagine this source of income did not exist and you were working full-time as a therapist. Add up all your costs of living, add the costs of doing your therapies, remembering to factor in tax, NI, and subscriptions. Divide by the number of hours realistically that you can work in that period of time, and that will be your price. Whereas I respect others' opinions, I wonder if the figure you arrive at is twice what the competition is charging. If so, let THEM go out of business if they choose to.
Ruth Maguire
4 Jul 2007 8:59AM

Suzanne is right in the aspect that you can't charge less than you can afford to live off, however, researching the prices of other successful practices will give an indication of what people in your area are currently willing to pay. In my experience clients most clients don't buy therapies on price and whilst you don't want to be the cheapest or start off too low (raising prices can be difficult)there is no point pricing yourself out of the market and then having to slash your prices because you have no clients.
Bianca Chantelle Amin-Amin
18 Jul 2007 11:46AM

Dear Suzanne and Ruth Apologies for the delay - have just returned from a business trip. Thank you both for your kind advice. You are correct in that I do run another business - as a Marketing Consultant, whereby fees and invoicing is pretty straight forward for me. Concerning my new holistic business, I have not until this point been great at charging friends and their referrals a reasonable enough rate to cover my costs and because my business will be conducted at home and on a mobile basis, I just wanted some tips on starting out with price ranges that wouldn't also price me out of the market. I am confident with the prices that I have decided on now. Many thanks Bianca
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 4:28PM

It is great to hear that people are recommending basing prices on your own costs and required profit margins. But why are you charging different amounts for different treatments that take the same time ?. Do you offer a lesser service when delivering one of your skills than you do when you deliver another ?. As a Holistic Therapist, don't you offer your clients access to the very best of all your skills and expertise to address their objectives ?. The independent therapists who have different skill sets all have one recommeded list price - £44 per hour. If the client needs one or more skills during the session, it simplifies the fee from the outset. To find out more about the way we work, visit www.TheHClub.org.uk
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