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Posted by: Elizabeth Rabone, 20 Jun 2012 9:21PM
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Trolleys to transport portable massage couch

Hi all, I need to get a trolley to transport a portable massage couch. Can anyone recommend a make or somewhere to get one? I've seen one that looks OK on Massage Warehouse. Is it worth getting one specifically marketed for transporting couches or is a general luggage one just as good? Thanks


Angelina Kelly
21 Jun 2012 12:01PM

Hi Elizabeth, I think a general luggage one is just as good, they are usually cheaper, stronger and if you decide not to continue mobile massage they can be used for other purposes too. Angelina Kelly
Angela Rawlins
21 Jun 2012 8:46PM

I have been using my small trolley that I use for my sports bag - probably a small luggage trolley. I was using it for my Lafuma chair which is quite heavy if you need to go far. My advice would be make sure you get a good size one with large wheels - mine has only small ones and rather tricky on bad surfaces. How about a discount store, got mine at an Outlet.
Jane Hopwood
21 Jun 2012 9:37PM

My massage couch came with a carry case with wheels. That is another option. Kind regards Jane
Ashling Cullen
21 Jun 2012 10:17PM

I bought a general all purpose trolley from Robert Dyas, it has big wheels and it's been really good. Has managed stairs and not complained. From memory I think it cost under £20. Hope this helps.
Elizabeth Rabone
30 Jun 2012 8:40PM

Thanks everyone for your help. Angelina, what you said was exactly what I thought! I have now got a trolley and it had its first trip out last week, to a home visit to a neighbour.
Angelina Kelly
2 Jul 2012 2:01PM

Hi Elizabeth, You're welcome. Glad we've been of help. Good luck Angelina
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