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Posted by: Michelle Trowsdale, 23 Feb 2011 5:24PM
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Upwards massage strokes on face

Hi all, Someone asked me the other day why I stroke in an upwards motion on the face and other than saying it has a 'lifting effect' and that the circular motion was in keeping with the blood flow I was a bit stumped. Does anyone have anything further to add? I've trawled online with no success. Thanks, Michelle


June Campbell
23 Feb 2011 7:22PM

Hi Michelle We were taught the skin on the face is so delicate that using anything other than an upwards or gentle patting stroke on the skin over time can lead to stretching and sagging. Must try & remember that when I'm slapping on make up first thing in the morning! Cheers June
Michelle Trowsdale
23 Feb 2011 9:54PM

Thanks June and yes I too will remember that now! Best wishes, Michelle
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