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Posted by: Lorena Rodriguez, 23 Sep 2012 8:27PM
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Vat and Taxes self employed

I've been self employed for a few months now, I am very lost with the Vat i should charge to my clients when i give them an invoice, so far im just giving invoices without stating the vat but i have to pay some taxes and my question is: does anybody know how much is the vat here in ireland for holistic massage and reflexology? ive been a few times in the tax office but still unclear, im very new as self employed so if anybody could help me out here i would appreciate it thanks so much and best of luck


Sue Hannaford
23 Sep 2012 8:40PM

i don't know about Ireland, but in the UK VAT is a set percentage of the charge you make (ie added on top) but you don't have to charge (and pay) VAT unless you reach a certain turnover - can't remember how much it is now but most selp employed therapists don't reach that threshold. You will need to check what the situation is in Ireland though. I am suprised the tax office (which I suspect was for income tax rather an VAT) weren't able to explain the distinction. Try looking on line for official government website in Ireland. Good luck.
Lorena Rodriguez
23 Sep 2012 8:45PM

thanks a lot suzanne, is it 13.5% of the price then?
Sue Hannaford
23 Sep 2012 9:04PM

Not in the UK, but Ireland might be different. You usually need to be registered for VAT to charge it (again I don't know the rules in Ireland).... You could try asking another therapist working in your area.
Stuart Dare
23 Sep 2012 10:37PM

Hi you might find the information on this site useful but may be dependant on your specific location. Look for a similar service for Southern Ireland. Best wishes. Stuart dare
Stuart Dare
23 Sep 2012 10:38PM

Oops forgot the link! http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/
Amanda Clegg
23 Sep 2012 11:28PM

you don't need to be registered for VAT in the UK until your turnover reaches about £70k. Can't remember the exact figure, but its around that. If you aren't registered then you don't charge it.
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