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Posted by: Gillian Hunter, 11 May 2011 4:30PM
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Can anyone advise me? I am a relatively new therpist and have a client with virtigo. What if anything can I do to help? I would be grateful for any suggestions even if it means advising the client to see a different therapist. Many Thanks Gill


Angela Rawlins
11 May 2011 5:05PM

Hi Gill Do you know what caused the vertigo? Some times it can be after a really bad cold. I personally would treat with Hopi ear candles and a very specific head,face massage techniques. But my treatment is hugely different from the basic course as I've trained with Sue Maunsell and over the years done other different therapy courses and combine all I've learnt Regards Angela
Nicki Lee
11 May 2011 5:08PM

Hi Gillian, This unfortunately doesn't have a simple answer since vertigo is a symptom and there can be any number of underlying causes. Massage wouldn't be contraindicated for the vertigo itself (unless lying down or getting on or off the couch made your client dizzy) but you should probably get a little more information in case the underlying cause is contraindicated. Regarding referring your client on, if it's positional vertigo caused by particles in ear canals then some physiotherapists and osteopaths can do a manoeuvre which can help. A really good book to help decide when to treat is 'A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology' by Ruth Werner. Good luck with your client. Nicki
Gillian Hunter
11 May 2011 5:13PM

Thank you so much ladies for your prompt replies and advice. I will definately invest in the book you suggested. Many thanks
Pamela Bracken
6 Jul 2011 8:25PM

A kinesiologist trained in applied kinesiology techniques may be able to help with vertigo.
Angela Rawlins
6 Jul 2011 9:51PM

Look at this site www.vestibular.org/index.php
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