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Posted by: Marianne Free Allitt, 8 Jan 2012 4:29PM
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Vulsini - Hot stones bag

I saw it advertised in Embody's magazine and I vaguely remember seeing it at a show at the NEC last year - I'm a mobile therapist and was literally fed up lugging a big bag of stones around with me, waiting for the water to heat up and then after the treatment, attempting to drain the water from the heater whilst negotiating the client's cats and dogs and worst still, toys!! I think all of you mobile therapists will know where I'm coming from on this!! I was very impressed from the moment my bag arrived. It arrives in a very well made box all neatly packed together - the instructions are very clear and the bag.....wow!! The bag is amazing. The designers have clearly thought about it. I had assumed it would be a glorious laptop bag with a wire hanging out to plug in. I was very wrong. There are little pockets on the front- and inside, are the wires - one for the car and the other for the mains supply. Inside the bag,there are compartments for the stones. They heat up quickly and mess free. The kit comes with two bags for you to put the used stones in. I'm amazed at the excellent layout of the bag. It is worth every penny = I can't express how impressed I am! It will make my life much easier. I'll be able to heat the stones up at home, continue to keep them warm in the car in between clients all without any danger of hot water. The bag is also lighter than a regular stones heater!! I'd say go for it!!


Amanda Clegg
8 Jan 2012 6:56PM

That's really interesting, given our recent comments thread back in October. did you put up the cost of your treatments to cover the cost - they're about £200? Wondering about this myself as try not to do too much mobile, but my mobile clients are the less-able people who could probably benefit most!
Marianne Free Allitt
8 Jan 2012 7:48PM

Well, yes they are mega expensive and the cost was always an issue. What really got me thinking was tho recently I was doing a stones massage at a lady's house and had to keep walking back and forth from my heater to her sink to empty the water and her house was such a nightmare that I was so worried I was going to drop some water - even tho it wasn't boiling water it would still have been hot if I had dropped it. Also, I saw in Embody's magazine a 25% discount code so the bag only cost me £150 in the end. I always charge £5 more for stones massage than I do regular massage. What is interesting is that I heated the stones up in my heater this morning and then disconnected the bag and 3 hours later, the stones are still as warm as they were when I disconnected the bag - the bag is very well insulated. It weighs less than the heater too. My aim is to heat the stones up at home, keep them warm in the car and then plug straight in once I get to my client's house. In the old system, I used to heat the stones up at the house, empty the water and then it was ok if I went straight to that client's home but the stones were cold within an hour and then have to wait 20 minutes or so once I'd got to the client's house to re-heat them.... this will save me at least half an hour I think each client because I spent at least 10 or even more minutes emptying water etc!!
Amanda Clegg
9 Jan 2012 1:00AM

Aha - I see what you mean. So in fact adding £5 doesn't seem like enough to compensate for the extra time and faff-factor! Glad it's now working. I'm due to do the course at the beginning of March, so need to get ducks in a row - have just bought a second hand set of stones and heater, whihc is a good start!
Angela Rawlins
9 Jan 2012 3:59PM

:)) Sounds very interesting even though I don't do massage, unfortunately. Why not get an insulated bag and just heat at home. Any way of microwaving them?? There must be a cheaper alternative:)
Marianne Free Allitt
9 Jan 2012 4:24PM

Angela - I dont think microwaving stones is a good idea!! Would you put an egg in a microwave??
Angela Rawlins
9 Jan 2012 6:07PM

:)) True! I'll have a better think:)
Ashling Cullen
6 Feb 2012 11:54PM

Marianne, Thanks for the feedback on the Hot Stones bag. Good to hear that it's worth the investment. Ashling
Judith Quin
21 Feb 2012 6:30PM

Dear fellow Hot-Stone therapists. If you have trained in Hot Stone at any point until these came on the market I assume you have bought a standard heater - and from the comments I see you are lugging it all around to client's houses.... Pop in to Lakeland plastics or any such 'home' store and get yourself a thermal picnic bag...heat the stones at home, put them in the bag and Voila! They stay hot for about 3hrs (so if I have a non-stones client followed by a stone treatment it's not a problem) and I can fit 2 x treatment worth of stones in the one bag, I just wrap them in separate towels. And as for the stones once used, I just pop them back in the same bag (clever, I know!) Vulsini looks great, and if I was just qualified I'd probably get one - but as I've already spent out on a water heater...necessity is the mother of invention and I've been doing it this way for about 4 years now. Just thought I'd share!
Judith Quin
21 Feb 2012 6:31PM

PS I charge £15 extra for Hot stone prep & cleansing time
Marianne Free Allitt
21 Feb 2012 7:57PM

I see your point regarding a thermal bag, but surely once the bag is open and closed whilst doing a treatment, the temperature of the stones would decrease. I cannot see how you can maintain a regular temperature using a bag such as a thermal bag?? I am mobile and having used both conventional stone heaters and now the vulsini, I would recommend nothing other than a vulsini. The bag regulates the temperature because it has a thermostat on it and looks very professional too!
Judith Quin
21 Feb 2012 10:42PM

I'm sure the Vulsini is very good - I am tempted by it myself and may well get one in the future. I'm just offering an alternative to those who can't afford extra expense right now, as I've used this method for a few years with no complaints or drop in my standards. Best Judith
Ceri Crick
7 Mar 2012 5:29PM

Thank you for the feedback re Vulsini bags. Have been considering one for a while but yes quite an expense if you can manage without. After reading comments thought it would seem a good investment when finances allow. Thanks again very useful.
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