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Posted by: Charlene Quincey, 12 Oct 2011 12:40PM
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Vulsini mobile hot stone bag

Hi there, I am interested in buying a Vulsini mobile stone therapy bag but they cost the earth. Just wondering if anyone out there has bought one or knows anything about them. Trying to do as much research as possible before deciding whether or not to buy one. Many thanks, Charlene


Marianne Free Allitt
12 Oct 2011 2:41PM

me too - I've seen them and thought the same..... I'm a mobile therapist too and carrying a stone heater around and ensuring I book extra time for the stones to heat up is a complete nightmare!! Do let me know if you get one - I may join you!!!
Amanda Clegg
12 Oct 2011 4:39PM

Don't do hot stone (yet) but could you heat them up at home and pack them in an insulated box with microwave heat pads - same as ice blocks in a cold box, but in reverse?
Marianne Free Allitt
12 Oct 2011 4:44PM

Great idea if the hot stone client is the first client of the day I suppose. I'm full time mobile so on average have 6 to 10 clients a day so a complete nightmare to be honest. I really wouldn't recommend hot stones to mobile therapists!
Amanda Clegg
12 Oct 2011 4:47PM

Just looked at their site - blimey it's expensive! I'm sure you can get nice insulated hot/cold boxes that run off the car ciggy lighter for a lot less than that?
Charlene Quincey
12 Oct 2011 5:02PM

Yes, the more I think about it, the more the idea of buying them appears ridiculous!LOL. I just thought doing hot stone mobile would be something extra to add to my price list and may appeal more to my clients in the winter months. Have to re-think how I am going to keep my stones warm. Are there any other therapists out there who do hot stone mobile - what are your thoughts and is there a demand for it? Regards, Charlene
Nicki Lee
13 Oct 2011 7:44PM

Hi, I do Hot Stone and they have to be really quite hot at first. As soon as they touch the client they start losing heat (as it warms the muscles) so I can't imagine you could get keep them hot enough while traveling to have a good effect. It might be a 'warm stone' massage instead. (Having said that, I have received some treatments where the stones were too hot to start with and felt burning.) I haven't used them myself but there is something else on the market now, some sort of shell where you put something inside that keeps the shells at a hot temp. I believe they heat up through a chemical reaction (like those hot or cold packs you 'crack' to produce the instant thermal reaction) so I think they'd be very useful for mobile work. You are supposed to do a specific workshop with them, but I would think if you've trained with hot stones moving over to the shells wouldn't be very much different. Sorry I can't remember the name but a bit of googling should help you find them. Good luck! Nicki
Marianne Free Allitt
13 Oct 2011 10:05PM

They are called Lava Shells and the company who does the training are based in Deddington in Oxfordshire if you are interested.
Amanda Clegg
13 Oct 2011 11:17PM

A friend of mine uses lava shells. Quite expensive running costs - the sachets that you put in the shells are about 50p each and you'd get through at least 2 or 3 minimum per treatment as you need to have at least 2 shells on the go simultaneously for each client and I think they only last about an hour. They actually get hotter as you use them, so you need to keep putting then down to cool a bit and swapping over. Add to that the usual oils costs, of course.
Charlene Quincey
14 Oct 2011 9:43AM

thanks to all of you for your comments and advice. Much appreciated!
Marianne Free Allitt
19 Nov 2011 2:54PM

Did you decide whether to buy a bag??
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