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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 5 May 2014 5:56PM
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With gaps between clients or quiet days, I have been considering offering a walk-in treatment like hair dressers do, We have a nail bar near to us and they do this and are really busy obviously you can just decide to have your nails done and wait for a short while for your turn. I can imagine people walking past who have got back pain but never get around to making a appointment in their busy lives. What worries me is that when I take a booking over the phone I get the persons telephone number (so I presume there is more safety for me as they are willing to give their details), whereas a walk-in could be "anyone" and could attract some dubious customers. I love the idea to gain more income when our town is quiet and can see the opportunity and the downfalls - does any see a way of me doing this but protecting myself also. Really need to earn more so I am thinking up new ideas. Kind regards Jane


Diane Revelle
5 May 2014 10:05PM

Hi, do you have a practice or work from home?
Jane Hopwood
6 May 2014 7:36AM

I have a practice but work alone. Thanks
Amanda Clegg
6 May 2014 10:54PM

You could use a seated massage chair in your reception area, slightly screened from view with a plant, perhaps: that way there is immediate contact with the outside world and you are not alone in a treatment room.
Jane Hopwood
7 May 2014 7:15AM

Thats a good idea but I am upstairs away from the outside world. I always feel reassured when a person books over the telephone as I then have a landline and mobile number so I feel much safer as there is a trace back to them. A suggestion made to me is to take their mobile number when they call in and say you will ring them straightaway to confirm it. So you ring with them there. Any ideas? Thanks
Amanda Clegg
7 May 2014 12:36PM

Just occurred to me that it's a question of simple security for lone workers. When I have a new client (usually at home, but some mobile (not men)) I always have my mobile phone in my pocket, and someone else is aware of my booking times, so all I have to do is check in with them by text when I've finished. If I don't, then they will know there is a problem. You also have a phone handy for a 999 call!
Jane Hopwood
7 May 2014 3:20PM

Thanks Amanda for great idea. Jane
Julie Egginton
9 May 2014 11:18PM

Even walk in clients will need 2 complete a consultation form. If they will not then no treatment, keeping you safe. You could make them aware of this before moving away from reception area.
Amanda Clegg
10 May 2014 12:56AM

Sadly a consutlation form is not a great guarantee - I had a client who booked a few times whilst working on a project locally (Quite genuine, btw - back problem and no funny business!) then didn't see him till about 4 or 5 yrs later when he booked again - different name I address when i spoke on the phone to take the booking, but recognised him when he turned up. He was so embarrassed: had obviously forgotten my name. Went ahead with fairly vital sciatica treatment he'd booked, paid, left, never seen/heard from again!
Jane Hopwood
10 May 2014 6:41AM

Thanks for all these suggestions. Kind regards Jane
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