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Posted by: Kelly Judd, 17 Mar 2015 12:13PM
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WANTED/ADVICE lightweight massage table

Hi All, I'm looking to buy a very lightweight massage table preferably 10kg or lighter. I know Starlight sell 7.5kg for something like £700 which is a bit out of budget. I've also looked on Amazon/ebay and see I can buy 10.5-11kg for around £70+ish, and then there are other providers on the net ranging from £150 - £300. Can anyone recommend a lightweight couch please and also where did you buy it from/cost/weight? I'm a bit wary of getting one from Amazon and not knowing the quality (although the reviews have been fairly positive). Are there any providers you wouldn't recommend? Many thanks, Kelly


Amanda Clegg
17 Mar 2015 2:43PM

you will regret buying a cheap one: false economy. I went to the Massage Table Store in 2002 - yes not a misprint - thinking I'd have to spend about £200. I came away with almost £700 worth of Oakworks table - lightest out then, about 11 kg, BUT I am still using it today and I work pretty much full time at home and mobile, and the only thing I've had to replace were the rubber ferrules in the feet and the velcro on the headrest frame. It's amazingly comfy, the upholstery is as good as new and all my clients love it. Get the best you can possibly afford - it is tax deductible over a number of years as it is a capital outlay. Good luck!
Louisa Sage
17 Mar 2015 4:21PM

Thank you, yes I agree, it is best to spend some money on a good one, Thanks, Lucy
Angela Rawlins
17 Mar 2015 5:46PM

Years ago I decided I needed a massage couch, I was offered a cheap couch. My husbands comments were, how much weight does it hold and you may need to take into account the pressure of you on the client. You don't want the couch tipping or collapsing under the weight. Very good points, I didn't want to be sued! I decided to buy a bespoke Darley couch and I still have it today, not used for massage so has not had the wear and tear. Sadly they are no longer in business:( Do the light weight couches hold a good weight?
Angela Rawlins
17 Mar 2015 5:47PM

Ps. My Darley cost me over £300, it is steel framed came with a wheeled case included and I have taken it out to demos
Angela Rawlins
17 Mar 2015 5:49PM

pps. get a wider than average one, I've never regretted it as clients can move without fearing of falling
Amanda Clegg
17 Mar 2015 6:17PM

My Oakworks takes 550lbs! Its hourglass shaped - i agree with Angela: nice to have space for wider shoulders and for me to kneel up on it sometimes, plus the hourglass shape means you don't need a long reach over.
Louisa Sage
17 Mar 2015 6:20PM

Thank you very much, I will look at them both, I do need a light weight couch that is both wide and strong as I do a great deal of mobile work and festivals. Thanks x
Louisa Sage
17 Mar 2015 6:30PM

Thank you very much, I will look at them both, I do need a light weight couch that is both wide and strong as I do a great deal of mobile work and festivals. Thanks x
Kelly Judd
18 Mar 2015 9:22AM

All, Many thanks for your advice it is very helpful and much appreciated. I've been looking at working weights as well, espeically as I've started a Sports Massage course working with a Rugby club so the guys tend to be quite stocky. But most of my work is mobile I just want a lighter couch. My current one I've had for 10 years and bought on ebay as an unwatned gift for £100. It is still in good nick and has been great to work on but as it weights 16kg, I now want something much lighter. Thanks again, Kelly
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