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Posted by: Caroline Williams, 17 Jul 2007 3:25PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

warning of e mail scam

Hello - not sure if people have already been alerted to this, but am attaching an e mail scam I received which is targetting therapists, take care!! : Hello Friend, How are you today? My Name is Mr Harry Coloney,I live and live and work here in USA. I am 46yrs old. I have been doing massage since 1989. I do a deep relaxation massage in which the muscles relax without pain. I also do energy massage that helps people feel great when I am done. I am certified to do pregnancy massage. I have lots of happy clients here in America. I have a client Miss Julian Moore a model here in USA. she will be coming to the UK in some weeks time for a modeling job and she will be residing in a Hotel within Your Area temporarily until the neccesary arrangement for her job has been made before she leaves . she will be needing bodywork and relaxation massage of 90 min session 2days a week for 1 month ,she asked me to come with her to the UK but I told her I would not be able to go with her to the UK as I have a course I will be going for in a week time. I promised to help her get a good therapist in your Area.Pls tell me a little more about your self and if You can give Me references of people you have worked with. PLEASE READ THE BELOW PARAGRAPH CAREFULLY : My client will like to know if she can pay you in a British Bank Cheque? Her boss gave her the sum of 2,950 Pounds in certified bank cheque being payment for the massage and the rest for the equipments She will be renting for her modeling job but The Equipments rental manager stated that the only way she can book for her Equipment is if she can wire their money to them via Western Union as it is their company policy that all money for booking of Equipments must be wired to them via Western Union. let me know if she can make the cheque in your name so that when you Receive the cheque you cash and deduct your payments and send the rest to the modeling Equipments manager via Western Union. Let me know if you can handle this? All you have to do is when you receive the cheque you get them cashed in your bank,deduct your payments and wire the rest to the Rental Equipments manager so that they can book for the Equipments she will be using for her job before her Arrival to her hotel.Let me know if she can trust you to do this for her? she will be coming on Saturday 18th of August 2007. Please kindly send the following to her email address : ( julianmoore231@yahoo.com ) , Julian Moore so that she can make out the cheque,and also for her to send you her massage schedule and prepare for the trip asap.


Angela Rawlins
17 Jul 2007 3:56PM

Hi Caroline A couple of collegues of mine have had a similar email - the IMPORTANT thing is - DO NOT SEND any cheque or money! I will email my group members. Thanks
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