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Posted by: Alexandra Mason, 6 Feb 2019 6:27PM
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Ways of Working

I am newly qualified and am starting out in my own business. It is very early days. This is several questions in one really... any thoughts appreciated on any of the following: 1) HOW TO WORK/BEST WAYS I'm wondering how most people here practice- or what you would recommend having experience? I am currently offering mobile massage, but finding convenient parking and then carrying the table something of a trial, though ok in local area. 2) CORPORATE MASSAGE How have people found it working for companies that offer massage? do you think it is easier to make an income? 3) TABLE/NO TABLE I have also looked up some massage services that say they do mobile massages but don't use tables, but work from the floor with a yoga mat/cushions. does anyone have experience of this, what are your thoughts?
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