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Posted by: Pippa Waldron, 24 Apr 2014 4:36PM
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website help

im just starting up a business and im soooo confused about websites, how do i know where to go, will it be searchable in google etc etc, any advice gratefully recieved


Mike Colquhoun
20 Jul 2014 10:24AM

A web site can be set up very expensively or quite cheaply, but unless you are something of an IT whiz you will need help. You need a host, I use hostpapa and a free software programme, I use wordpress, and lots and lots of time unless you can pay for professional help. You will get listed by google and all the other search engines as they have what are called crawlers which do what they say, they crawl the web looking for new stuff when they find you, google will find you within a fortnight, they will list you on page 1,000 ish after that it they count the number of times you are hit and you slowly rise up the rankings. You can help my ranking by going to www,muskelym.com and having a look at what I've managed at very little cost [the price of my host] some help setting up the worpress programme from my son in law and lots of beating my head against a brick wall. good luck yours aye Mike
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