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Posted by: George Dunmow, 16 Jan 2012 2:04PM
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What are the benifits of being a CThA member?

I have been a member of the CThA for almost a year. My membership is due for renewal in February and I have not yet seen any benifits of being a CThA member. None of my clients have ever heard of the CThA and I have yet to receive any one contact me through the CThA website. All of my clients have come from networking, my own web site and by word of mouth. I'm not knocking the CThA but I am wondering if I'm getting value for money. Any body out there have any thoughts on this.


Deborah Flavell
16 Jan 2012 4:36PM

Interestingly enough I have never thought in terms of 'what can the CTHA do for me'. What I appreciate is being able to insure all my modalities under one umbrella. I appreciate that we can share our views, ask questions or offer up advice when appropriate. I rarely speak up but that does not mean I don't read with great interest all the postings, even when it is not a therapy I practise. As therapists it really is up to us to find our clients and market ourselves as best we can. Belonging to an organisation like this gives us credibility as we have to evidence our qualifications; even if our clients haven't heard of the CTHA, then why should they? I have the opportunity to learn about emerging therapies too, read interesting articles and keep an eye on continuing professional development opportunities. the Embody mag is always full of interesting information. Cheer up, re-join it is a valuable organisation to belong to.
Angela Rawlins
16 Jan 2012 4:54PM

By belonging to an Association, it shows that we are professional therapists with good standards. If, in the event that we have any problems, there is always help at the end of a phone. Also, we are able to ask questions of the other members who subscribe to these forums:)) Support and attend your local group meetings - these help with making contact with other therapists and networking. From my experience as a co-ordinator, we are always in need of more attendees:) I've been a therapist since 1997, the CThA was originally The Guild of Complementary Practitioners.
Stuart Dare
16 Jan 2012 10:40PM

I would love to hear thoughts on what You the Therapists would like the CThA to do for you? It would be reat if the Therapist listing via embody brought us a constant stream of clients, however do you know if any one has found you from the listing? As a support group coordinator I try to find relevant material and speakers to provide Support and education both on running a therapy business and therapy training and therapist support, but without the input from members I am guessing needs. So, what would you like to happen once you renew with the CThA? Then we can put it forward to the HQ team and see if we can make it happen!
Angela Rawlins
18 Jan 2012 5:37PM

Hi Stuart I can say, that I have never in all these years as a member have I had any one contact me from the CThA listing. I also have tried to get informative speakers for my group, but unfortunately the meetings are severely under attended. Many enquiries and promises of attendance that do not come to fruition - sadly. Members need to realize that if the group is not attended, they will disappear altogether. I know of one group that has closed recently. I am looking at reducing my meetings due to non-attendance.
George Dunmow
19 Jan 2012 9:38AM

Hi Angela, I agree that by belonging to an association, it shows that we are professional therapists with good standards. However, the CThA is not the only association that is available for therapists and I was wondering if any one else had any experience with these other associations. I do support and attend my local group meetings even though its a 40 mile round trip from my home. I've been to every meeting since becoming a member of the CThA, which is more than I can say for most of the other therapists in the Hertfordshire area.
George Dunmow
19 Jan 2012 10:06AM

Hi Stuart I have never as a member had any one contact me from the CThA listing. I know this because when my client's contact me they are always asked how they came by my contact details. Perhaps this is an area that should be looked at. The local group meeting that I attend in Borehamwood has a very low turnout. Perhaps merging smaller groups together may benifit all who attend, it would be better for networking. Deborah Flavell said in her reply to my post that "even if our clients haven't heard of the CTHA, then why should they"? I would have thought that the whole idea of the CThA was to let the 'public' our future 'client's know that we are professional therapist's and that we were goog enough to be members of the CThA.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
19 Jan 2012 12:12PM

Stuart Dare
19 Jan 2012 1:02PM

Thanks for the input, lets keep it going. I have another question. Does any one have a link back to the Embody 'Find A Therapist' site? It is possible to get a 'link excange' which shoulsd also help search engin rankings, i think! As for the groups, it can be very fustrating when people dont turn out! I am on my third meeting and am expecting attendance to be 30 - 40 people this is a) because of the popularity of the speaker and his message. b) due to regular and constant comunication using different social media, emal and bulltein boards as well as free directorie. all takes a lot of effort to set up but fairly easy to manage. I possibly have a mix of around 15% CThA members and 85% other/unknown. An excelent opportunity to promote the CThA. I also discovered that If your insurance is via the CThA then you have acces to Counciling services as part of your insurance pacage. not only that but access to a wealth of information relating to Stress, Depression Annxiety and more. Check it out! Thanks for showing your interest, If its to be it's down to me (or US in this instance just doesn't rhyme!) Stuart East Mids Group Coordinator.
Angela Rawlins
19 Jan 2012 5:30PM

Hi George well done for your attendances:)) Other Associations:) I also belong to the Association of Reflexologists, admittedly they do in fact offer more support to us as therapists:) I still have not had anyone contact me from their web site:( I do know of another Association, that I won't mention the name, who I was advised by a very respected person, not to bother because they had their own set of problems:( I only wish that the CThA would act on more suggestions from therapists, but I feel they either do not have the staff to cope or just forget. I wonder why they have not had any articles or advertisements in the tabloids or, magazines???? We are paying for an Association membership also, Insurance through them. Co-ordinators here, please email them and ask, also ask for the names of the publications. Sorry to hear you have had to give up Giuseppe, yet another co-ordinator gone:( I have to say, it is so soul destroying to go to great lengths to organise a meeting and have virtually no one attend:(( I am seriously considering giving up.
Stuart Dare
19 Jan 2012 6:24PM

Maybe we should get together via skype and identify some ideas to move the party forwards! Anyone interested? add me on Skype: stuartdarenlp and mention CThA. I want to be successful this year, and if I can help you or we can help each other then that would be good...
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