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Posted by: Jackie Price, 8 Aug 2016 10:23AM
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Working abroad

I've been asked to work abroad at a UK companies office in a European city once a month. Has anyone experience of this? What happens with insurance and invoicing etc. Any help please as I'm not sure how to charge for things like flights and travel


Maureen Abson
8 Aug 2016 10:28PM

Hi Jackie, If you speak to your insurance company you will probably find that you are already covered to work in most of Europe, so long as your main address does not move from the UK - certainly many of the big companies already include this, provided you are not working in the US or Canada (which would increase your premium significantly and the regulations differ greatly) but a quick phone call or email to your insurance provider should sort that one. Most international companies will pay by direct bank transfers but its worth checking both the lead time on payment (some will be 60 or 90 days, so that may need some negotiating) and it is worth sorting out in advance which currency you are being paid in and if you are, eg being paid in Euros, who will pay the transfer fee. Sounds like an interesting venture! Best wishes Maureen
Maureen Abson
8 Aug 2016 10:31PM

PS for flights and travel - again I would get a written agreement as to who is going to pay this - and when. If they have agreed to pay this then it may be cheaper for them to arrange travel for you to take advantage of corporate rates, likewise I would be looking for agreement in writing in advanced as to who, eg was going to be paying for transfers to and from the airport, accommodation etc
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