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Posted by: Helen Albea, 30 Jul 2013 5:06PM
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Working as a therapist while pregnant

Does anyone have any experience of working as a massage therapist while pregnant that they could share? What stage of pregnancy were you able to work up to and how did it affect your work and energy levels? Thanks, Helen


Helen Rae Coleman
30 Jul 2013 5:46PM

Hi, I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and work as a mobile massage therapist. I'm finding it fine so far as long as I have a good rest between treatments and don't do too many in a day. I got a couch cover with wheels as soon as I found out I was pregnant and request that I only do treatments downstairs unless there is someone there who can lift the couch upstairs for me. I don't have a very big bump yet though and I'm wondering to what extent is it going to get in the way in the coming weeks! As I am self employed I think I will carry on up to my due date but stop taking on new clients and just treat my regulars for the last month or two depending how I'm feeling, that way hopefully I won't be too tired or busy. Are you pregnant? How far along? How are you finding it? Helen
Helen Albea
1 Aug 2013 10:46PM

Thanks for the reply Helen. I'm not pregnant but want to try for a baby. Just thinking ahead really and wanted some advice on how others have managed. Im employed full time as a therapist and wouldn't be able to afford a reduction in hours. I work in a hospital so don't have the trouble of carrying a couch thankfully but I spend a lot of my 8 hour day working with patients on chairs and beds, and I rarely get a chance to sit down even to write notes as the desks are so busy. So I think it may be a challenge if I were pregnant. I've worked with physio's who have been pregnant and they've been able to work right up their maternity leave. However, they can be less hands on than us massage therapists and some of the patients they treated got annoyed that they couldn't help lift their legs into bed or assist them to get up etc and said words to the affect that they shouldn't be doing that job in their condition. The bonus is I can get maternity pay from my employer so its not all bad!
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