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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 4 Jun 2008 1:16PM
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Working with Clients under 18

Does anyone know what the guidelines are regarding working with under-18s? I've done a little work with children before, and always have the parent present. I would always do this, for my protection and theirs, with anyone under 16. A client recently asked me, however, what the position would be with her soon-to-be 16 year old daughter, who she suspects would not come if she had to have her mum in on the session. I said I'd check it out. I'm not sure where I stand legally and professionally on this. I have an enhanced disclosure check, for what it's worth. Does anyone know what the official position is...?


Mike Colquhoun
7 Jun 2008 8:43PM

Roushan Martens
12 Jun 2008 8:23PM

Thanks so much for that reply Mike, really useful to see how someone else manages it. I have been meaning to say that I got a call from someone in the insurance section at Embody, who was extremely helpful in outlining the ins and outs from an insurance perspective. I can't reproduce here what she said, as its complex, but I would advise anyone with the same questions to ring Embody - the information they gave me was invaluable.
Angela Rawlins
4 Jul 2008 8:01PM

Hi I have treated several under 16's, the youngest was 5 and had her mother and father present at different times. I have two young lads whose mothers left them with me whilst they fetched other siblings from school. One day, I had my insurance document to hand, I asked my husband to read through it for me as he had considerable expertise in Insurance, who pointed out that I must have an adult present! So, I would make sure you check your insurance documents before treating without an adult! I have since made sure that an adult is present on the premises, sometimes outside on a chair if need be.
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