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Posted by: Gladys Wright, 10 Jul 2014 8:07PM
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worldpay for membership renewal

Hi all Has anyone been having difficulty that I have had to pay for renewal online using Worldpay? I would like to hear from you through this forum Thanks Gladys Wright Gees therapies biasumi@aol.com


Chhaya Shah
10 Jul 2014 8:32PM

Hi Gladys Yes I had a lot of problems paying by worldpay so sent an email and it was sorted very quickly. I think there is a glitch in their computer system. Good luck Chhaya www.soothingtouchacademy.co.uk
Sue Ip
10 Jul 2014 8:55PM

Hi Yes, I have been having problems just this evening. Tried doing the process three times. Who was to main point of contact? Would appreciate your feedback. Thank you. Sue
Gladys Wright
10 Jul 2014 10:51PM

Hi CHhaya and Sue, Thank you both for your reply I tried so many times with no luck My card provider has locked it for my own protection of course to prevent identity fraud This is quite frustrating. I hope it will be resolved SOON!!
Jo Webb
11 Jul 2014 2:22PM

Hi having same problem 2 cards would not process so tried phoning they could not do over the phone because they have the same problem with worldpay - they are sorting the glitch1 Don't know how we know when it will be fixed
Sue Ip
11 Jul 2014 3:15PM

Thanks Gladys and Jo for your responses. Will see what happens next week and fingers crossed it will be sorted. Have a good weekend. Sue
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