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Posted by: Elizabeth Farrow, 29 May 2008 7:11PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Your feedback would be welcome?

I would like to share my thoughts and feelings with other members of the C Th Association concerning the threads posted in respect of the H Club. I am wondering if it is appropriate for threads to be placed on the forums, which essentially promote other associations and organisations (generally)? I am keen to share information, knowledge and experience with other professionals within the organisation and beyond, promoting the work offered by practitioners, who belong to the Association, I feel sure there are members who may share my views and I would welcome any feedback. My concern is simply that, each of us as members have a opportunity to promote our own business's and practices. We each have a responsibility to support the Association in our own way and value our membership. In return the Assoication seeks to support its members by providing a range of activities, workshops and local events. Raising standards in the field of complementary therapies is a current issue, which we can all work together professionally . I would not want this posting to be misunderstood or misinterpreted, I am not saying anything against the H club or any other clubs, which may appear on the forums and my comments are not in any way personal. What I am saying is that; perhaps condsideration could be given to the methodolgy that such clubs are promoted rather than using the C Th A forums as a conduit for such marketing.


Jon Critoph
30 May 2008 11:38AM

As a fellow member of the CThA who has been so since 1995 I can only agree with your sentiments that the forums are there to enable information exchange about therapy related topics such as client problems, requesting that other members feed into the process or maybe help you locate a supplier of a particular product or service. They are not for the promotion of business in any shape or form. There are many mediums for doing this which range from paying for advertising, buying mailing lists and mail shots (e-mail or conventional mail), offering to do talks at local support groups around the country which can be a great way of introducing you and your subject to therapists which often leads on to running courses for them locally. In my own experience trying to force information about your business (especially in this industry) often has the opposite affect and drives people away from you and your offerings.
Elizabeth Farrow
2 Jun 2008 4:19PM

Dear Jon, Thank your for taking the time to respond to my recent posting. Your additional comments on how to raise your profile was most useful. Best Wishes Elizabeth Farrow
Mike Colquhoun
5 Jun 2008 1:59PM

Hi Elizabeth I've just posted a reply to Declan on DISCUSSION ABOUT TREATMENT page On-site massage for new mums - Declan Alasdair Hill, May 16 2008 11:54AM If you look through these discussion pages one of the main reasons that regular contributors contribute is self promotion. Without this input many of the more difficut qestions would never get an answer because it is the more experienced who have the knowledge but to take the time to do so we need some financial justification. Businees is like that. I can see that Altruism is better but in business total altruists go bust, so you are left with us, those who try to achive a balance. CThA is a big enough organisation to fight their corner and the H club is no threat to them, you can be a member of several associations at once. In these pages they have taken some hefty criticism at times, but they always let the critism stand, much to their credit. As for Gillian's views on other subjects I always read them with great interest, [not always convinced, but then I think for myself] her knowledge of the adertising world and her ability to place some of the 'opportunities' we are offered in perspective I would have thought was invaluable to those many members new [the majority fall out within five years of starting] to the profession. Glad to see you've made it past that dread limit Jon. Yours aye Mike
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