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Posted by: George B., 4 Jun 2005 8:52AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Your views on advertising - have your say!

Embody is currently running Google advertisements for the Register, on behalf of you the members. The cost is approximately £1 per member per year, and results in your register entry being displayed in the first 5 entries very roughly 500 times a year ( on average - it will vary from member to member ). It is difficult to predict how many new clients this may bring you, but we have some anecdotal evidence that it is bringing members new business ( one member reported 2 new clients within the first few weeks of the campaign running ). Do you think this is cost effective? In other words, would you prefer to save £1 a year on membership and have the ads stop, or pay £1 and have the ads running? My belief is that the ads are good value for money, but I would like feedback on whether you agree / disagree, and this may well influence whether we decide to continue with the campaign. All replies, for or against are very welcome. George ( Embody Website admin )


Ruth Maguire
5 Jun 2005 6:15PM

Hi George I am happy to pay towards the cost of advertising on google as I think it is one of the first sarch engines people use. I think that it could be improved by making it a little more clear who Embody are. Sometimes the sponsored links on these sites just bring up another search engine and it maybe could look a bit like that to someone who didn't know the organisation. That said £1 a year is certainly good value.
George B.
7 Jun 2005 4:06AM

Thanks Ruth, The amount of text in a Google text ad is very limited, and the target market is people who willl not have heard of Embody, so it is quite difficult to as you say "make it a little more clear who Embody are" in the advertisement itself. But please give example wordings that you would find preferable (and which ones you think are not so good). The restrictions are 25 characters for the first line 35 characters for the second line 35 characters for the third line 35 characters for the fourth (link) line There are also "style" restrictions on grammar, capitalisation, spacing etc. The link line does not have to be the actual web address, it is usually just the site (domain) name. To make an ad stand out, it is (I think) a good idea to use the keyword once or twice (since keywords are displayed in bold by Google). For example, the current ad for the keyword "Massage" is Massage Register Professional Massage Therapists 8000 UK Listings Postcode Search www.Embody.uk.net Massage is a difficult keyword, in that the competition may well be a little "unsavoury" to try and put it delicately. "Professional" is an attempt to make it clear what the register is, but it will not always succeed! Another ad is for keywords Reflexology, Reflexologist {Keyword:Reflexologist} Register Find a Reflexologist in your area 3000 Listings - Qualified & Insured www.embody.uk.net/find where {Keyword:Reflexologist} is replaced by the keyword. Note the 3rd line is exactly 35 characters. There are currently another 6 similar (but not identical) therapy specific ads for Acupuncture, Reiki, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Beauty Therapy, and Aromatherapy plus two general advertisements for various short and long keywords : {KeyWord:Complementary} Register 12,500 Qualified Embody Members Search by Postcode www.embody.uk.net and {KeyWord:Complementary Therapists} 12,500 Qualified Embody Members Search by Postcode www.embody.uk.net where the bit in {} is replaced (provided it is not too long, when the default given is used), which are used for a long list of keywords (various other treatments / therapies ). Sorry if this is getting too technical! George
Ruth Maguire
7 Jun 2005 1:17PM

ooooft! See what you mean quite complex will have a think about it and get back to you!
George B.
7 Jun 2005 4:30PM

Maybe I was a bit unfair there - it *is* my job to think and about these issues, but feedback is useful to me - it makes me double-check my reasoning. There is in fact a lot more to it than I have described... I have run quite a few successful adwords campaigns. The difficulty of this one is estimating the ultimate return - with an online shop it can be done quite accurately, in this case the data is lacking ( the extra sales / profits that result for members ). So I am uncertain.
Emma Daniel
15 Jun 2005 7:58PM

Hi George, I am new to all this, having only just set up my massage business in the last 10weeks. I agree with Ruth that it is a good idea in principle to advertise on google and I think at £1 it's a bargain! Thanks Emma Daniel, Hampshire
George B.
15 Jun 2005 8:16PM

Thanks Emma, We had a slight glitch last week, with the website being down overnight. That meant most of the ads stopped running for a few days, but they are now going great guns, with more than 600 clicks yesterday. Good luck with your business. Have you thought about setting up your "Micro Site"? George
Mariette Lobo
16 Jun 2005 8:24AM

Hi Geoge - have sounded out my colleagues in Fife and, so far, no one has benefitted. Will keep you posted as soon as someone does. Mariette
Nicola Wilson
20 Jun 2005 4:17PM

Hi George I think it is a get deal, a £1.00 a year. To be honest I never received many calls , and no emails, only really emails from potential suppliers (When IGPP) but I have received at least three emails and two or three calls since March.. I do not know what has changed (apart fro the name) but I do know the Embody site comes up near the top as a choice if you type in Reflexology Glasgow. I use AOL . Hope this helps towards your decision. Nicola, Glasgow SouthSide
Nicola Wilson
20 Jun 2005 4:21PM

George Just realised, AOL search engine is powered by Google. Nicola
George B.
20 Jun 2005 8:04PM

Nicola, Thanks, yes, as well as Google, the ads appear on AOL, Ask Jeeves and other sites in the Google search and content network. Thank you for mentioning the responses, this is very useful to us as we weigh the costs versus benefits for members. The ads have been running since May. George
Lorraine Wright
25 Jul 2005 4:48PM

Excellent idea! Do you know anyone else who uses anything but google first? Lorraine
Mariette Lobo
25 Jul 2005 7:30PM

For a £ a year, I would keep the ads but I, personally, haven't had any response and neither have members of Tayforth. Mariette
Lorraine Wright
26 Jul 2005 9:08PM

hi Mariette thanks for your message about advertising on google I have an advert on google and have had work and inquiries for my complementary therapies so google does bring in work thanks lorraine
Caroline Marks
16 Dec 2005 12:06AM

Sorry, but I haven't had anybody contact me through the site. I have offered vouchers as suggested and I'm pleased that Embody is more high profile, but so far no luck.
Nicki Lee
16 Feb 2006 1:24AM

I have had 2 or 3 calls in the past few months, probably from the Embody site (not quite sure, as they weren't specific as to 'where' on the internet they found me, and I am on another site as well) and it is impressive that it comes up so soon on Google. Having said that, one call was possibly unsuitable (the gentleman may well have been legitamite, but requested nude massage with no towels - I declined) and the other person I only saw once, which is unusual, but I think with wider advertisement you will have more calls or clients that don't work out in the long term. It still seems good advertisement to me. In fact of all the changes that have occured it's what has impressed me the most. Nicki Lee
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 3:23PM

It's been 3 years now, has anyone any feedback - I haven't had a single call - not one !
Nicki Lee
19 May 2008 10:15AM

I'm glad this is being revisited. Since my response several years ago, when I had received a few enquires from 'the internet' (not specified exactly where) I haven't received many since - maybe one or two a year, if that. Has Embody stopped their Google advertising? Since it was announced it was doing it, I would have expected an announcement if it stopped. I prefer something like this to the promotions being done now. I did participate in one, and had a decent response, but don't anymore. For my own business, I don't think it is especially professional to offer 2 for 1, and prefer not to give this much away to clients that may never return. I realise it may be useful to some therapists, but hope Embody isn't putting all of their promotional eggs into this one basket. Nicki Lee
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