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Posted by: Dipa Chandegra, 7 Jul 2010 10:43AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Healing therapies for Autism

Hi my name is Dipa. I am offering reiki and massage therapy to special needs individuals. Please get in touch. These are case studies so will be low cost therapy £15 per hour, believe me it works. I am trying to take the research to a University and maybe get some funding out of it and prove it helps children. I have been working with Autism for over 6 years now as a teaching assistant and have been practising reiki therapy with them and have noticed a phenomenal difference in their behaviour, positivity and uplifted attitudes. Opening up their lines of communication; verbally and their social interaction aswell as OCD, ADHD etc. Contact me if you would like to or know someone who would like to be a part of the sessions. Or give it a try. 07502 395 822 Dipa Chandegra


Regine Demuynck
19 Jul 2010 3:34PM

Hi Dipa I am very interested in what you posted re Reiki for Autism. I do Reiki too and I am also currently doing a level 2 EFT practitioner certificae and have been thinking of using EFT with autistic people. My husband has dyslexia and the EFT has helped him with his fear of written exams. I am not sure which area you are in. I am in Croydon, South London and was wondering how I could market this to schools in the area. I currently work part-time in a private school as a language teacher and feel that there is a demand for an alternative's way of dealing with autism. Your views would be most welcome on this. Many thanks. Regine Demuynck The Butterfly Within regine@butterflywithin.co.uk
Dipa Chandegra
19 Jul 2010 5:41PM

Hiya Regine, Thank you for your message. Fortunately I worked as a Special needs teaching assistant and this is how I offered the therapy. I was not paid as a practitioner. It was something of interest to me so I used it and found out a lot about Autism this way. But you could ask to do voluntary service and be assigned a case-load of students. And collect research. I didn't collect any evidence however I'm sure I changed each child's life whom i interacted with and this was very rewarding and satisfying for me. Please do get in touch maybe we could discuss further. dipa_chandegra@yahoo.co.uk
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