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Posted by: Stanislav Ulicny, 28 Feb 2014 8:44PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Job Wanted for Shiatsu Chair Massage Practitioner

Qualified and insured practitioner looking for a job. Contact: 07883183134 / 19su80@gmail.com


Pippa Waldron
10 Jun 2014 8:00PM

Hi girls I meet you at the cruise massage do, can you help Looking for 3 therapists to do seated massage info below xxx 1) insurance and qualification ready 2) it is roaming massage therapy - please let me know if you have a chair / stool to bring 3) Please not - you will NOT be given a ticket to the actual festival, you will just be working outside of the festival in the Boutique camp area as per the link below - ( http://www.pennardorchard.co.uk/glastonbury-festival.html) 4) you WILL be given a crew and car pass 5) you are happy to pay the £100 this week to secure your position Please let me know you are still interested and I shall e mail you shortly to let you know if you have been accepted as I have had quite a few enquiries about this - guests of Pennard Orchard ( http://www.pennardorchard.co.uk/glastonbury-festival.html) ARRIVAL: THURSDAY 26th JUNE THERAPISTS: x4 THERAPISTS: Chair massage, back, neck, shoulders, head (clothes on) FEE: £100 fee to participate / commitment fee (you keep all your takings from the week end) CLOTHING: Wear White / be presentable BRING: Massage Stool REPORT TO: Jenna Ansell GUESTS: APPROX 200 per day in the area for you to work with CHARGES: £1 per minute, minimum 15 minute massage, can offer: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 minute massages. TICKET: camping pass / car pass Thanks , pip --
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