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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 15 Sep 2010 5:43PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Lobbying for medical recognition

The Irish Reflexologists Institute, in consultation with the Royal College of Physicians, adjusted their curriculum in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the College. The College, in turn, introduced a module on Reflexology into their curriculum so that the medical students would be fully aware of what Reflexology is and does. In this way the courses acreddited by the IRI were deemed to be acceptable to the medics and therefore its members were deemed to be "credible". Does anyone else think it would be useful for Reflexology as a whole to follow this path - not just Irish Reflexologists who have taken the IRI certification ?. Should we be pressing for all courses accredited by our Professional Body/Affinity group (Reflexology or otherwise, UK or Irish) to have undergine the same process ?. What does everyone think ?
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