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Posted by: , 1 Jul 2015 2:42PM
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A charitable initiative

I have a bit of a crazy dream/idea that I would like some help making into a reality... I have secondary breast cancer and have been lucky enough, because of that diagnosis, to be in receipt of some quite wonderful complementary therapy through my palliative care team. I am also aware of the amazing work done by complementary therapists in hospitals and by charities such as the Penny Brohn Centre, Maggies, The Haven and others. My sister was in hospital last week with debilitating stomach pain that they couldnt diagnose the cause of and when I visited she was so uncomfortable and drowsy that we couldnt really have a conversation and I didn't know how I could be useful so, inspired by some reflexology sessions I'd been having, I just got some moisturiser out of my bag and gave her feet a rub. Thinking back over all my previous hospital stays and all the hospital experiences that I have discussed with friends, I feel really strongly that more could be done to make hospitals nicer, friendlier spaces. I want all patients in all hospitals to be able to access complementary therapies, not just those with cancer or an incurable diagnosis. And I want this to happen for people when they need it most, when they are depressed and anxious on hospital trolleys or in hospital beds. I would like to set up a charity that puts aromatherapists into hospitals to go around the wards, asking whether patients would like reflexology, massage, an aroma roll-on or some other product that could ease anxiety but would still be hygienic. Can any of you share experiences of doing anything similar? Does anybody want to help?


Norah Coyne
19 Jul 2015 4:53PM

The sunflower trust definitely does work with this and the royal free hospital in London and macmillian it would really depend on what area you are in and where you wanted to try and start up a charity, so if you could let us know, also the charity would need to be cleared by the nhs trust an I am guessing clinical training in aromatherapy/reflexology may be needed as every person receiving would be different and treatments would need to be cleared through the doctors of each patient too, they are doing a lot of this work in hospitals in surrey, northern Ireland and hospices but I am sure there is much more needed, there is a lovely man working n the royal free hospital in hampstead called keith hunt and also penny brohn and the sunflower trust maybe speak to them for advice I am sure they will be able to help you
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